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Cruise the coastlines of the Mediterranean, Adriatic or Aegean Seas or embark on an exploration cruise around Northern Europe. From the whitewashed villages of the Greek Islands to the fjords of Norway and Iceland’s dramatic landscapes, there are plenty of incredible destinations to discover on one of 2,663 cruises and small ship expeditions around Europe.

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11 Days Athens to Barcelona

Operator: Virgin Voyages

From 2,481

13 Days Venice to Barcelona

Operator: Viking Cruises

From 6,925
Save 1,570

8 Days Barcelona to Rome

Operator: Princess

From 1,667
Save 23

8 Days Rome to Rome

Operator: MSC Cruises

From 1,296
Save 20

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Western Europe
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For over 180 years Cunard have set the bar, and then raised it. Cunard's rich history and unrivalled seafaring knowledge means that Cunard has grown into...more a truly iconic brand. A brand that constantly refines the definitive experience of ocean travel. The designs of Cunard's current ships have been inspired by our past but reimagined for our future. Alongside classic, art deco stylings and unrivalled craftsmanship you’ll find splashes of bold colour and contemporary comforts. Feel free to do as much or as little as you like on board, as every venue has been carefully developed to provide plenty of choice. Whether your priority is relaxation, adventure, or indulgence, your Cunard ship will not disappoint.
Europe Cruises207
Known For:Royal Fleet
Fleet Size:3
Explora Journeys
Explora Journeys is the new luxury lifestyle travel brand launched in 2023 by the MSC group redefining the luxury ocean experience. Vibrant, cosmopolitan...more relaxed European luxury at sea. Instead of cruises we create journeys – of the mind and across the oceans of the world, as we visit extraordinary places on and off the beaten track.
Europe Cruises110
Known For:The Ocean State of Mind
Fleet Size:2
A luxurious cruise means many things to many people but we feel that Silversea’s small ship cruises personify the true meaning of comfort. Our intimate,...more ultra-luxury ships can sail up narrow waterways into the heart of a city, or tie up right at the pier while others must anchor off shore. And for those who yearn to explore the new and unknown, Silversea’s expedition ships can transport you to the furthermost boundaries of the planet. Enjoy free-flowing premium wines and spirits, delicious gourmet cuisine, in-suite dining, full butler service for every suite and of course all gratuities. Whether you long to mingle in the Mediterranean, swim with the turtles of the Galapagos or embrace the glaciers of Alaska, there is something special about knowing that this cruising is all inclusive.
Europe Cruises200
Known For:900+ Destinations
Fleet Size:11

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The Land of Fire and Ice

The Land of Fire and Ice

Discover raw natural beauty on a cruise around Iceland. Marvel at soaring volcanic peaks, glistening fjords, and thundering waterfalls in the aptly named Land of Fire and Ice.

<a class='brand-link-color' href='/cruises/uk'>Discover the British Isles</a>

Discover the British Isles

Set sail for the British Isles where the spectacular Scottish Highlands, the rolling hills of England’s charming countryside, and Ireland’s cosy pubs and seaside towns await.

Fall in Love with Lisbon

Fall in Love with Lisbon

Uncover the treasures of Portugal, from Lisbon’s cobblestone streets to the tiled facades of Porto and the tantalising cuisine at every stop. A highlight of your Western Europe cruise.

The Enchanting Italian Coast

The Enchanting Italian Coast

Visit historic cities and quaint seaside towns along the Italian coast. From Rome’s fascinating sights to the colourful villages spilling down the cliffs of the Amalfi Coast and Cinque Terre, you’ll be enchanted at every port.

<a class='brand-link-color' href='/cruises/norwegian-fjords'>Cruise the Norwegian Fjords</a>

Cruise the Norwegian Fjords

Wind your way along Norway’s spectacular coastline and marvel at dramatic scenery as you cruise the Norwegian fjords. Take in the view from the deck, or set off on an adventure of a lifetime as you kayak through Geirangerfjord.

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Cruises from Barcelona
Cruises from Barcelona
Cruises from Rome
Cruises from Rome
Cruises from Venice
Cruises from Venice
Cruises from London
Cruises from London

Recent Reviews What our clients are saying about cruising Europe

Worry free cruise, good weather, good food   , ACT, Australia, Feb 2024
Very happy with the booking process, good cruise and good weather for our cruise in Greece. Optioned specialty restaurant is not necessary and quality not a lot of difference to main dining.
In Search of the Northern Lights     , SA, Australia, Jan 2024
This was my first ever cruise and although, due to the worst storms in 40 years in Norway, we were only able to visit the Ports of Bergen, Alta and Tromso it was a fantastic experience. The weather was particularly cold with ice, snow and blizzards I wouldn't have missed it for the world. Instead of sailing in to London Viking chartered planes to take ...read more us there which was a mean feat for them having to transport 900 passengers to and from London.

The service on board was excellent and all of the staff from the Captain, General Manager, Customer Relation Staff, Bar and Service staff as well all the entertainers were fantastic and made our journey one to remember. I would rather have been delayed in Tromso on board the Viking ship than up a mountain in a hut with no heating, food or drink and the bonus was we got to see the Northern Lights. Thank you Viking for a wonderful trip and the very generous discount on future cruises and I look forward to my river cruise next year. Well done everyone.
Large ship     , NSW, Australia, Oct 2023
Was hesitant about being on a ship as large as the MSC Euribia, but chose the cruise for the itinerary. The ship is beautiful, our cabin 10130 was a good size and everything was kept clean, but there were too many people for our liking. Also there is not enough seating in the bar/lounge areas (especially sea days). Also appeared not to be enough wait ...read more staff in those areas as it was hard to place a drinks order and then a long wait to receive them! Food served in the Colorado restaurant for dinner was excellent and the table waiters were very good. Remembered our preferences for drinks and also the butter for the bread rolls!

Unfortunately due to a storm in the English Channel we had to miss the port of Le Havre. Was expecting a refund of the port charges but not to be. Other cruise lines refund but not MSC apparently. This was our 1st MSC cruise and probably our last - prefer other cruise lines such as Princess or Holland America. There were a large number of children on board which we hadn’t anticipated (didn’t realise it was end of school break in England). Plenty of activities on board for children and would probably be a good holiday for families. Embarkation and disembarkation were handled well and did not take long. As we did our own thing in each port, rather than a ship excursion, the provision of shuttle buses into the city centres were a great help. As usual Tracey and the team at Global Journeys were great with all aspects of our booking. Will happily use again for future trips.
Just Brilliant   , VIC, Australia, Oct 2023
Brilliant adventure for first time cruisers. The ship was amazing , the staff super friendly and helpful. Food choices were plentiful and generally the shore excursions were well planned. Only criticism was the tenders in Mykonos, not enough. We will do another cruise definitely.

Explore More Explore more Your guide to cruising around Europe

Why You Should Tour Greece this Season

08 May, 2023

Why You Should Tour Greece this Season

Offering a rich tapestry of vibrant colours, flavours, character and history, there are plenty of reasons to visit Greece. Every corner of this Aegean paradise is laden with awe-inspiring scenes. Greece is turquoise waters, breathtaking mountain ranges, dramatic hillsides punctuated with...

DIY Shore Excursions At Le Havre

14 November, 2022

DIY Shore Excursions At Le Havre

If you are on a cruise with Paris on your itinerary, you won’t actually be docking in Paris, instead, the coastal port of Le Havre is where the ship will most likely stay. While a shore excursion to Paris is a great way to spend a day, there is much to do in the surrounding seaside towns....

Bringing You Closer

10 December, 2021

Bringing You Closer

Experts on the Norwegian coast, many of whom live locally, will be by your side as part of your voyage with Hurtigruten, showing you their home and sharing their stories with you.  No guidebook, website, or mobile app can replace the human connection of having one of ...

Explore The Heart of Coastal Norway

27 September, 2021

Explore The Heart of Coastal Norway

Having established the Original Coastal Route along the coast of Norway 128 years ago, Hurtigruten is integral to, and ingrained in, the Norwegian culture and way of life. Their unmatched experience in sailing these waters, makes them the local experts, and no one knows the fjords, wildlife,...


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