Why You Should Tour Greece this Season

Offering a rich tapestry of vibrant colours, flavours, character and history, there are plenty of reasons to visit Greece. Every corner of this Aegean paradise is laden with awe-inspiring scenes. Greece is turquoise waters, breathtaking...
08 May, 2023Santorini

Offering a rich tapestry of vibrant colours, flavours, character and history, there are plenty of reasons to visit Greece. Every corner of this Aegean paradise is laden with awe-inspiring scenes.

Greece is turquoise waters, breathtaking mountain ranges, dramatic hillsides punctuated with picturesque villages, untouched serene valleys, lively modern nightlife, and ancient archaeological sites upon which our civilisation was built.

Set off through the shimmering crystal waters on a Aegean cruise or take in the sights as you tour the country roads of Greece flanked by olive groves and farmhouses.

The Greek Mainland

Athens, the heart of Ancient Greece and the modern capital, leads the way with a contrast of ancient ruins and a contemporary cosmopolitan buzz. Lively open-air restaurants sit under the backdrop of the historic Acropolis. Create new memories under the yellow glow of intricately designed streetlamps while basking in the shadows of another era. Admire the panoramic views of this breathtaking city from one of the plentiful vantage points presented by the rich morphology of Athens.

Join locals and tourists alike for an evening stroll along the three kilometre grand promenade to marvel at Hadrian's Arch and the 104 Corinthian columns of the Temple of Olympian Zeus. Meander along the southern foothills of the Acropolis, taking in the abundant highlights of the Ancient Agora in a stunning landscape of historic significance.


Beyond the capital, further archaeological wonders await as you tour Greece. Marvel at the World Heritage Site of ancient Delphi, home to the Temple of Apollo, a sanctuary from where the High Priestess served as the oracle weighing in on important decisions that paved the way for history as we know it. These awe-inspiring structures defy modern sensibilities and have lasted centuries commanding their place on the slopes of Mount Parnassus, overlooking the stunning valley of Phocis.

Venture southwest to Greece's Peloponnese peninsula, home to the legend of Hercules and the birthplace of the modern Olympic games, Ancient Olympia. Hear the stories of past eras come to life as they are told by a local expert against a backdrop of stunning scenery, where towering mountainsides are juxtaposed by rich valleys and vast gorges.

Explore the monasteries of Meteora, perched on pinnacles of smooth rock protruding from the lush green Peneios Valley. This spectacle crafted in partnership by nature and man is one of the most visited sites in Greece, and for good reason. Built between the 14th and 16th centuries by the tenacious monks dwelling in the area, at its peak this site boasted 24 monasteries. With six still in operation, Meteora makes for a unique experience as you wind through the pathways cut into the rock overlooking the lush valley below.


Don't miss these Greek holiday destinations. To experience the wonders of the mainland, try the 7 Day Glories of Greece with Insight Vacations, or the 8 Day Best of Greece with Trafalgar Tours. Alternatively join Globus' popular 8 Day Classical Greece tour, or the more affordable 10 Day The Best of Greece trip operated by Cosmos.

If you prefer travelling with a smaller group, take a look at Back-Road's 12 Day Greece Legends & Landscapes tour with a maximum group size of 18 passengers.

The Greek Islands

Picture whitewashed buildings, blue rooftops, steep inclines rewarding you with breathtaking views of azure waters, and the distinct atmosphere of each island dotted through the Aegean. Consider island hopping through Greece to experience the best that the Cyclades have to offer.

Experience the distinct black sands of Perissa and Kamari beaches along the coast of Santorini, contrasted by the famous Red Beach near Akrotiri. Let your hair down basking in the lively nightlife of Ios, after exploring the hillside towns and taking a trip to visit Homer's Tomb, a tribute to the famous Greek poet.


Indulge your palate at a waterside taverna in Mykonos before joining the buzzing evening scene along the southern coastline, or retire to the northern beaches for some relaxation. Your Greek Island holiday isn't complete without exploring behind the medieval walls of Rhodes Old Town. Visit the rural villages of Paros, pick fresh figs while exploring the country roads of Naxos, or watch the sun set over the horizon from Oia.

For a taste of history coupled with a sundrenched beach break, head to the island of Crete. Explore the colossal Palace of Knossos and then let the caress of the warm sea breeze bring you back to the present as you discover more picturesque beaches in this stunning archipelago.

For a taste of Greek Island life, choose a sailing trip. Perhaps the Intrepid 10 Day Greece Sailing Adventure - Cyclades Islands, or an 8 Day trip from Mykonos to Santorini. Sail aboard a 15 metre yacht with G Adventures on a 10 Day round trip sailing adventure from Santorini.

Alternatively, cruise the Greek Islands with Globus on the 8 Day Iconic Aegean trip featuring a 4 night cruise. For more time on the islands try Trafalgar's 10 Day Greek Island Hopper, using high speed ferries between the islands to maximise time exploring the sights.


Greek Cuisine

Cuisine is not just a part of Greek culture, it is a lifestyle. For a quintessential culinary journey try a traditional Moussaka. Made from eggplant and meat (often lamb) this layered dish is baked with béchamel sauce and a layer of golden cheese to seal in all the flavours. For the lamb lovers, order a Stifado for a hearty comforting stew.

You can't go past the locally caught seafood in Greece. Slurp deliciously salty tomato broth pooling around succulent mussels in their ink blue shells, crunch on fried anchovies, or devour crispy calamari, cooked to perfection and served with just freshly squeezed lemon juice.

Accompany your meal with a signature Greek Salad, made with locally produced fetta atop garden-fresh tomatoes and crisp cucumber, drizzled with olive oil from a nearby farm. Wash it down with a wine from the Peloponnese Peninsula, or a glass of Ouzo - an anise flavoured digestive. Finish off with baklava, a sticky sweet dessert of layered pastry with chopped nuts and syrup to bind all the indulgent flavours together.

For a guided culinary exploration of Greece, consider the 9 Day Greece Real Food Adventure with Intrepid Travel.

Once you've worked your way through the tavernas dotting the labyrinth of cobbled Greek laneways, watch the sun set over the azure sea as it bathes the whitewashed buildings in a warm glow.

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