Top Trails to Explore on a Walking Tour in Greece

07 November, 2019

View from Santorini, Greece

Greece is a paradise for active travellers who are keen to explore everything the mainland and islands have to offer. A network of trails connects postcard perfect hilltop villages to seaside towns and spectacular paths wind their way through landscapes that never cease to amaze. If you are considering exploring this wonderland on foot, then read on for some of the best hiking trails in Greece and walking tours that can take you there.  

Walking Samaria Gorge with Explore

Samaria Gorge, Crete

Carving its way through Crete’s Samaria National Park is one of Europe’s longest gorges. Along its impressive 16 kilometres, Samaria Gorge boasts staggering natural beauty. From the rim of its soaring facades to the rocky riverbed, it is breathtaking at every turn. Narrow passageways and winding paths take you past quaint churches and relics of Byzantine times as you make your way from the entrance at Xyloskalo to the fishing village of Agia Roumeli. 

Find the experience: Join Explore’s Walking in Crete to enjoy this route with a guide, or take it at your own pace on Self-Guided Walking in South-West Crete.

Discover the Scenic Beauty of the Corfu Trail with Explore

The Corfu Trail, Corfu Island

The 220 kilometre long Corfu Trail takes you off the beaten path to uncover hidden treasures across this stunning Greek Island. You’ll pass little villages and hilltop towns, seas of olive groves, and tranquil coves as you make your way through a relatively untouched region. The varied scenery and incredible views make this rather lengthy trail as captivating as it is rewarding the whole way through, and the towns and tavernas that you’ll stop at will embrace you with their charm.

Find the experience: You can join Explore and do the full Corfu Trail Explorer, or choose to just cover the North or South portion of the trail.

Monasteries of Meteora, Greece

Meteora, Mainland Greece

Meteora is one of Mainland Greece’s top attractions, and what better way to explore it than on foot. This incredible site is home to a series of clifftop monasteries constructed from the 14th to 16th centuries, some of which are still being used today. Follow in the footsteps of ancient monks as you walk the hiking trails through a region where feats of nature and humanity blend seamlessly into a fascinating and enchanting place.

Find the experience: Wander the incredible landscape of Meteora with Exodus as part of their Greece: Zagori & Meteora itinerary.

Walking the Andros Route with Explore

Andros Routes, Andros

Andros is a haven for walkers, offering lush green valleys, craggy clifftops and ruins, flowing rivers and waterfalls, beautiful beaches and ocean views, and picture perfect whitewashed towns connected by an ancient network of hiking trails. These pathways have been lovingly restored by volunteers determined to develop and facilitate sustainable tourism here. The many routes, including the 100km long Andros Route which weaves across the length of the island, allow visitors to see what makes this gem of the Aegean shine so brightly.

Find the experience: Take in the sights and sensations of Andros at your own pace with Explore’s Self-Guided Andros Trail.

Hiking the Greek Islands with Exodus

Island Hop and Hike, The Greek Islands

The spectacular Greek Islands are much more than a flop and drop destination. While they may conjure up images of swimming in the azure waters, sunbaking, and relaxing in seaside tavernas, there are also plenty of active adventures on offer and trails to explore. Add some gentle walks through gorgeous villages, verdant valleys and along beautiful coastlines for a perfect blend of experiences during your island hopping adventure.   

Find the experience: Discover the idyllic countryside and charming villages of Naxos, Santorini and Paros on foot as you enjoy Walking on the Geek Islands with Exodus. 

Walking the mountains of Evia with Exodus

Evia, a Hidden Gem of the Aegean

Despite her size and proximity to the mainland, Evia is a lesser known hidden gem of the Aegean - and therein lies some of her appeal. Here you can wander through quaint villages, follow mountain paths, and kick back in traditional tavernas with the locals. The beautiful beaches are yours to swim and snorkel and you’ll have fewer other travellers to share this treasure trove of walking trails and stunning places with.

Find the experience: Join Exodus on the island to explore the Mountains & Villages of Evia or perhaps make a traditional wooden boat (Caique) your home as you enjoy a Greek Cruise & Island Walking trip with Explore.

Natasha Goncalves
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