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Northern Lights Tours & Cruises

Set off in search of the 'Aurora Borealis' on a Northern Lights tour or cruise. Travel from September to April for the best opportunity to catch a glimpse of this cosmic show, but rest assured, you will be just as impressed by nature’s scenic display below the vast skies. Choose from 49 tours and cruises providing the opportunity to view the Northern Lights over Norway, Greenland and Iceland.

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15 Days Dover to Dover

Operator: Hurtigruten

From 7,654
Save 79

6 Days Reykjavik to Reykjavik

Operator: Intrepid Travel

From 2,724
Save 65

11 Days Fairbanks to Anchorage

Operator: Globus

From 5,360
Save 109

13 Days Bergen to London

Operator: Viking Cruises

From 6,757
Save 144

Discover Must do experiences and highlights on a Northern Lights tour

Hike Ella Oya

Hike Ella Oya

Rugged Ella Oya ( Ella Island ) overlooks icy seas filled with pristine blue icebergs. A perfect place to hike, climb to its top for breathtaking views.

Meet Inuit in Ittoqqortoormiit

Meet Inuit in Ittoqqortoormiit

Connect with the Inuit people and gaining an appreciation of their way of life in East Greenland’s most northern coastal community filled with colourful houses.

Visit the Northern Lights Cathedral

Visit the Northern Lights Cathedral

In Alta, visit the Northern Lights Cathedral. The coiling building and steeple is inspired by the swirling Northern Lights. The impressive organ has 1,800 pipes.

Sail through Scoresbysund

Sail through Scoresbysund

Sail through spectacular Scoresbysund, the world’s largest fjord system to witness towering mountainsides and hundreds of monumental icebergs. This is bucket list scenery, made even more so by the reflections of Aurora Borealis. Unforgettable.

The Northern Lights

The Northern Lights

Northern Lights displays are mostly seen during the long winter darkness in Greenland and Iceland and the northern coast of Norway. Clear nights are the perfect condition to see the swirling green and yellow displays of light.

Recent Reviews What our clients are saying about their journeys to discover the Northern Lights

We saw the Northern Lights!     , NSW, Australia, Mar 2023
Travelling with Insight for the first time was a joy; our accommodation was of a high standard and all were centrally located. The tour director Gwen was very personable and did a great job, and our tour companions were also very friendly and a mix of nationalities.

Our main goal was to see the fabled Aurora Borealis and we managed to see it once ...read more (at North Cape), which was satisfactory. Most of our fellow travellers however were disappointed there weren't many more sightings despite having necessary favourable weather conditions a few times (clear, cloudless skies and sufficient solar activity), but Mother Nature was not cooperative. Just going to the northern parts of Norway above the Arctic Circle was special enough for us, as Honningsvag, Alta, and Tromsø were all unique and spectacular places to be, especially in winter (or close enough to it) with a snowy landscape.

Overall, I would recommend this tour, but don't have too many expectations of seeing the Northern Lights night after night. Just enjoy this part of the world for all it has to offer, and it's a lot!
Wonderful Scandinavia tour   , VIC, Australia, Mar 2023
Had a wonderful Trafalgar tour of Scandinavia to see the Northern Lights. We were very blessed to see the lights over several nights which were amazing and Lapland was so beautiful. The tour guide Goran and driver Jacek were brilliant, I couldn’t fault them. Thanks Georgie for your excellent and efficient service in helping me organise this tour, I ...read more really appreciate it.
Viking Northern Lights Cruise London to Bergen   , QLD, Australia, Feb 2023
Unfortunately, the cruise started 2 days late which resulted in missing the ports of Amsterdam & Navrik. The food and wine selections were good, and the Verandah cabin was comfortable with a glass enclosed shower, opening door and a window. Not a lot of activities during sea days. They concentrate more on lectures with three lecturers' being on board ...read more for the 10-day cruise. No kids no casinos were a bonus.
Scandinavian Northern Lights   , QLD, Australia, Dec 2022
Great experience, should be aware there is no guarantee on seeing the Northern Lights. Global Journeys are a delight to deal with and highly recommend them to book your travel.

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