Partner with Us

Global Journeys is a full service OTA specialising in the aggregation of multi-day tours, cruises and river cruises.

What are the benefits?

Partner Flow
  • Your tours & cruises listed on our award winning website
  • All enquiries, support, bookings and payments handled by our team
  • Add-on's, transfers, flights (Australia outbound only) handled by our team
  • AFTA, TAANZ, ATAS, ACIS & CATO Accredited
  • An independent verified reviews platform for your clients
  • Partner Zone developed to you to market your brand
  • Partner selection based on quality over quantity
  • We handle everything - you pay commission on successful bookings.

Who are we looking to partner with?

  • Operators with multi-day trips with ready-to-book itineraries and set departures (no day tours or activities)
  • Operators with trips that will add value to our current potfolio of tours & cruises on offer
  • Preference is provided to operators with XML/API feeds in place
  • Preference is provided to operators accredited by ATAS or TAANZ
  • Ability to provide pricing in AUD and/or NZD and to accept payment from us in those currencies
  • Preferably have an office or representation in Australia or NZ
  • We aren't interested in trips that require travelllers to pay local payments in-destination


What makes Global Journeys different?

Global Journeys is a full service OTA. We market and book multi-day journeys outbound from Australia and New Zealand. We book flights, accommodation and all the extras too, but only to clients that have purchased a cruise or land based tour with us. Every client is looked after by a dedicated Global Journeys agent throughout the booking experience.

How is the booking process handled?

The booking processs is just like a "bricks & mortar" travel agency on steriods. We handle the entire enquriy, support and booking process. We organise to on-deliver your travel documentation and take all payments from the client.

We have no XML feed or API availabile - is there another way?

Our selection preference is for Operators with API/XML feeds in place. If that development is not in pipeline, then please apply, and we can determine whether there is a viable alternative.

We have our own booking sytem that can provide a Feed. Are there any retrictions?

We work with many operators and have integrated many formats. These include:

  • SOAP data connections
  • RESTful APIs
  • FTP or HTTP Feed download (With or without authentication)
  • FTP upload of data files to our servers
  • CSV, JSON and XML data formats
What commission do you charge?

Commission levels are determined during the contracting stage.

How long will it take before a decision is made on our application?

See this bit of string? Just kidding, we'll get onto it straight away. We'll do a thorough investigation of your brand, trips and processes. Implementation may take some time depending on our workload and the technical capabilities of your business. If your application does not satisfy the criteria outlined above it's unlikley it will be accepted.

We only sell and can accept payments in USD, can't you make an exception?

Not at present. Complete the application anyway, and we'll keep your information on file when this changes in the future.