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Ready for an adventure that's way more than just 'good'? TruTravels is all about those jaw-dropping moments and next-level destinations that you'll be raving about forever. So, if you're down for unforgettable experiences then this is where your life-changing journey starts.
AGE RANGE: 18-99 Years
BUDGET: Affordable
  6 Reviews (4.8/5)
Fully Guided Locally Guided

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14 Days Bangkok to Phuket

Operator: TruTravels

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8 Days Split to Split

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12 Days Tokyo to Tokyo

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9 Days Bangkok to Phuket

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TRU STYLES View all There’s more than one way to travel. When we say the world is your oyster, we mean it.

TruTravels Classic

Our Classic trips offer a perfect balance between culture, adventure, beaches and parties.A high level of inclusions at a low cost. Think Ferrari for the price of a Ford. Highlights, hotspots & hidden gems are crafted into each itinerary with our own TruExclusives.

TruTravels Ski & Apres
Ski & Apres

It's time to pack away the bikinis and head to the mountains! We've found the perfect balance of learning new skills and sliding the slopes with a well deserved party and apres ski!

TruTravels Flashpacker

Our Flashpacker style is for those who want to experience our bucket list activities, but with a little more comfort and style. We've included all the best bits of our Classic tours but with higher standards of accommodation, transport and activities.

TruTravels SailVentures

Taking island hopping to the next level! Sail to world famous hotspots and drop anchor alongside deserted beaches for floatilla parties, endless beach days and off the beaten path experiences only accessible by boat. Trust us, life’s better when you’re on a boat.

TruTravels Reviews

AVG. RATING 4.8 / 5
6 Reviews
5 Star
4 Star
3 Star
2 Star
1 Star
Northern Thailand Adventure   0 , NSW, Australia, Oct 2023
Sea was an absolute joy to be with and went above and beyond on our tour. She constantly gave us more ideas for our evenings and helped us book them. Answered all of our questions about Thai culture over and over again and helped us to try new food at every restaurant. I cannot recommend sea enough she made this whole experience.
Full Moon Thailand Island Hopper   0 , WA, Australia, Oct 2023
The 16 day Full Moon Island Hopper tour has been such an amazing experience filled with amazing people, places and experiences I?ll cherish forever. Our tour guides, Biggy and Smile, added so much more to the experience by always making sure we were all safe while also having the best time. They really went the extra mile, thank you so much!
Amazing amazing tour experience!!   0 , NSW, Australia, Aug 2023
My husband and I did sail Croatia for a week of my birthday. Although I was hesitant about being a bit older for sail Croatia (33), and also being a married couple we didn't really know what to expect. We had the best time of our life with our group, Dom (our leader), and the Trutravels team! It was so well organised, it was a good mix of party and ...read more learning about the places and doing fun activities (e.g. White water rafting, bike riding, clubbing in a cave and a castle!) albiet there was definitely a lot more party vibes with our particular group. A good mix of ages (19-35) and from all backgrounds - UK, Australia, France, Germany, Canada, Scotland.

Dom, our fearless leader, was absolutely incredible!! He was so quick with responses, always had an answer for any questions we had and was on the case when there was any issues that would arise. Two people had family emergencies during the week and he was quick to do whatever he could for both of them to help. It was obviously that he really cared about making the whole trip the best experience for all of us, whether that was having a chill night playing cards but also raging in the bar or clubs with the rest of us but also organising us all so we were safe and all having the best time! He also managed to give us enough free time between group activities to have breaks and gave us enough historical information to be informed about the amazing places we visited while also joining in on the activities with the rest of the group. He was sweet, funny, kind, caring, passionate, knowledgeable and we could not have asked for a better leader for our team! Love you Dom!
The crew on board were also so helpful, smiling and happy to accommodate us (as they live full time on board, it must be hard to have a party every night in your home). They worked so hard when we were ringing that bell for rounds of shots every 2 minutes!! And we love them for it!

The boat itself is intimate to say the least but it meant that we were all like family by the end. A few different areas to hang out in and separate to have your our space too. The bedrooms were a bit small (all single bunks) with not a lot of floor space but can store shoes and bags under the bed and small hanging space. Has a great aircon! The bathroom sink converts into a hand-held shower which has good hot water and pressure as long as not too many people using it at once.
The only other comment is that the bar tab at the end has to be paid in full cash at the end of the last night and a few people got caught up with big bar tabs and limited cash withdrawals which we had been warned about so FYI to take out your cash in advance and keep on eye on your tab! All in all, an amazing week with an amazing crew an awesome team of people!
Vietnam Explorer   0 , NSW, Australia, Aug 2023
We had both Darrin and Lucas for our 13 day, and all I can say is wow! They both really knew how to get the party going, Darrin left midway through the tour to go on another but Darrin was so accommodating and just felt like a best mate. Darrin made sure everything was spot on for us all, having the best night out too! Well well, Lucas! He is definitely ...read more the brother you never had, he is insanely funny with a personality like you've never seen before! He is full of facts, and interesting information about the country/city. Lucas was so supportive when I really struggled with facing one of my biggest fears , he was amazing and offered so much support. I really am going to miss both Lucas and Darrin, thank you to them for everything over the last two weeks, you're both one in a million!
Amazing experiences from start to finish   0 , VIC, Australia, Aug 2023
It has been an amazing trip, the best experiences, and I will be taking away the most amazing memories. So much was packed into the 10 days, that allowed you to see a variety of what Costa Rica has to offer and helped you to embrace the culture. Pura Vida! You had some down days to chill, or make sure to plan your own exploration to get even more out ...read more of it. Our guide, Jurgen, was great, very knowledgeable, made you feel safe, and was always willing to help you. You could tell he truly loved the country and wanted to share it with us, it was infectious!
Solo female traveller   0 , QLD, Australia, Jun 2023
I made the pleasure of having Tommy and Max on the 14 day Thailand Island Hopper and they made the experience unforgettable. As a type 1 diabetic, I often find it difficult travelling, especially solo, but they went above and beyond to ensure I had access to a fridge for my insulin throughout our travels. I can't thank them enough for the laughs, support, ...read more guidance and their never ending knowledge. They have given me the confidence to continue my solo travels after the tour. I would highly recommend to anyone, it's a trip I will never forget!

TruTravels Brochure Download the latest TruTravels brochure to read at your convenience.


Ready to blow the lid off your travel game? The world is waiting for you! So, pause the endless scrolling, take a moment to catch your breath, and buckle up, because we’re about to drop an absolute travel bomb on you. We’re the travel company with the blow-your-socks-off tours, the OMG-this-place-is-incredible destinations, the I-can’t-believe-that-happened experiences, we want to spread good vibes...more & help make the world a better place attitude. We do the things that stay with you forever. We run the kind of trips that you’d never describe as ‘good’. Because you didn’t come here looking for ‘good’. You came here looking for ‘life-changing’. Ain’t that the Tru-th.
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The TruTravels Experience Choose to travel with TruTravels on your next adventure!


What sets TruTravels apart? Is it our exceptional deals, memorable tours to enchanting destinations, picture-perfect scenes, or the laughter-filled surfing lessons that feel like a month's worth of fun? Well, that's part of it. But it's much more. We're committed to delivering transformative, revolutionary, extraordinary, breathtaking, and profoundly incredible experiences. Every time. That's part of what we mean by game-changing travel.

We don’t want to say our competitors all offer the same packages. You know what, scrap that. They all offer the same packages. TruTravels tours, on the other hand, give you a selection of unique experiences that you won’t find anywhere else. Things that we have created that make sure your trip is life-changing.


We believe that when you book a trip, you shouldn’t then have to busk outside the local supermarket just to afford the activities that were listed in small print as ‘not part of the package’.

Trutravels include bucket list activities, all accommodation, and transport, so the only time you’ll get stung on our tours is if you accidentally sit on a jellyfish.


We refer to our guides as Travel Ninjas because they’re badass mo fo’s! They’ll move heaven and earth to make sure every experience is at least 136x better than you expected. It's like travelling with a bunch of your mates, but one of them just happens to know where they're going. They’re a great storyteller, party starter and an all-round legend!

Speaking of mates you’ll make friends for life when you travel with us. If you are, in fact, a Billy No Mates, book with us and you’ll soon be Billy Lots of Mates. Jokes aside, the bonds we form on our trips is at the core of what we do here at Tru. Because we believe that Travel isn’t just about the places you go, it’s about the people you meet.

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TruTravels FAQ's Frequently asked questions for those considering travelling with TruTravels

Are flights included?
No, flights to your destination are not included and these will need to be booked yourself or with your Global Journeys Travel Advisor. TruTravels will be at the airport to meet you once you arrive.
Do many people travel alone?
Yes, lots of people come on our trips alone, it's a great way to meet new people and you will never feel alone from the moment you arrive as you will instantly be travelling with an awesome group of likeminded people.
What is the general age for travellers on your trips?
There no age limits on our trips however most of our travellers are between 18 and mid 30’s. Remember you’re only as old as you feel!
How much money should i take?
Everyone spends differently so it’s hard for us to give an exact amount but we usually recommend around $250-$350 per week is sufficient for you to have an epic time. All your activities, transport and accommodation is covered by TruTravels, so you just need to worry about your food, drink and shopping. Please...read more note TruTravels cannot be held responsible if you start popping bottles of champagne on the first night and run out of money.
What day to I need to book my flights for?
Ideally it's best to arrive on the start date of the tour however you can arrive up to 2 days before and we will still pick you up from the airport as long as you're staying in our accommodation.  We can reserve you a room for you to pay for the additional nights on arrival. Please contact your Global Journeys...read more Travel Advisor to arrange this.
Do I have to arrive at a specific time?
No we can pick you up from the airport at any time of day or night so you can pick the best flight that works for you.
So food isn't included?
Food is usually not included on our tours however we do include occasional meals on day trips. We do also head out every evening for a group dinner at some of our awesome favourite spots.
What kind of accommodation do we stay in?
Our accommodation is mainly in twin share accommodation in some awesome hotels. You will always be sharing a room with someone of the same sex from your group. We do sometimes stay in dorm accommodation which will be exclusive to our tour group.
What do I need to pack?
You will receive a packing checklist in your pre-departure pack when booking with all the best tips before you travel with us.
Do I need travel insurance?
Yes, travel insurance is compulsory and you should make sure it covers you for the whole of your trip. You will be asked to provide proof of your travel insurance before traveling with us.
What do we do in the evenings?
We head out every evening as a group for dinner and often drinks. We take you to some of the coolest spots around as well as some hidden gems we’ve discovered over the years. This is not part of the itinerary so you do not have to participate but we try to maximise your adventure.
Backpack vs Suitcase?
We would always recommend a backpack. Suitcases are not ideal for Asia as even if your suitcase has wheels it's very hard to pull it across the beach. If it's your first time with a backpack, you’ll never look back after.
What if I don’t want to participate in one of the activities?
We are not going to force anyone to do anything they might not want to do so if you’re not confident on a push bike and want to sit out a bike ride or not a fan of open water and want to stay on the boat during snorkelling thats absolutely fine, it's your adventure!
How should I bring my money?
There are ATMs readily available in all of our destinations so we would recommend getting a travel card with good rates and withdrawing cash locally rather than carrying big amounts with you. If you are going to bring cash you would get a better rate if you exchanged in Asia so bring your home currency with y...read moreou.
Can I find out who else is in my group?
Yes you can start chatting to other members of your group. Around 7- 10 days before the start of your tour we will create a chat with everyone on tour and a link to it will be included in your pre-departure pack. In the meantime you can join our Facebook group of past and future travellers ...read more target="_blank">www.facebook.com/groups/trutravellers/
Is transport to the airport included after the trip?
No your tour finishes in your end destination however, your group leader can help you book to any transfers you need.
Can I book extra nights at the last accommodation?
Of course. All you need to do is let your group leader know how many nights and we can reserve it for you.
What time does the tour finish?
The last day of the itinerary is check out day so the tour will officially finish then. Use this as a travel day to get to your next destination.
Is my spot guaranteed when I pay a deposit?
Yes, your spot is locked in once you pay your deposit. All you need to do is make sure your final balance is paid off 60 days before the start date of your trip.

Terms & Conditions All the boring small print. We recommend you read them, as no one likes surprises!