5 Reasons to Tour as a Solo Traveller

Guided Tours    09 April, 2018    Natasha Goncalves   

Solo in Santorini

Love the freedom of going it alone on holidays, but want to share your experiences with like-minded people? Want to see the world, but aren’t confident setting off on your own? Don’t let that dissuade you.

Travelling solo can be empowering, exhilarating, challenging, and daunting – and you can do it without being on your own! Here are some reasons to join a tour designed to give you the best of both worlds.

Feel safe and unlock experiences

A tour provides you with security and support while you immerse yourself in destinations outside your comfort zone, some of which you may not be confident to visit alone.  It offers expert insight and unlocks places and experiences that may feel inaccessible or unsafe, for solo travellers.

Get value for money

Covering travel expenses alone can be pricey. Touring means costs are split among the group. With different tiers of prices and inclusions you can choose the best value tour for you. It takes the mystery out of budgeting, and with tried and tested inclusions, you can be confident that your tour is money well spent.

Group Touring

Get the best of both worlds

Touring gives you the best of solo travel but takes away the stresses associated with planning it. There is no need to brave driving on the other side of the road or worry about committing cultural faux pas. Get involved in organised excursions or explore the sights on your own time – you get to choose.

Travel Consciously

By touring, you can reduce your footprint. No need to spend hours researching trustworthy suppliers or worrying about where your funds are going. Tour companies only use responsible operators, so you can be confident that your holiday is not at the expense of the country, people, wildlife or environment you are visiting.

Share your experiences

Group travel presents an opportunity to witness the wonders of the world with like-minded people and form life-long friendships. Develop unique bonds, face the sometimes confronting challenges of travel together, and share quintessential experiences you will remember forever.

Touring Lisbon

So, how does it work?

With so many reasons for solo travellers to give touring a go, more operators are looking after your needs. Some tours run as dedicated solo trips where your group will all be in the same boat (or coach!) as you. Take a look at these dedicated solo trips with Grand Pacific - try the 11 Day Ultimate Solo Travellers Tour or the 16 Day Solo Travellers Tour.

A large percentage of our clients travel solo, so all our operators have options to accommodate solo travellers on their trips. Join any departure and ask what options are available for single or share rooms, depending on your preference.

Worried about rooming?

Many tour companies provide the option to pair you with a same-sex roommate without the price tag. Pay no additional premium and be matched up with a like-minded travel companion, not only keeping the costs down but also giving you the opportunity to make life-long friendships and share one-off experiences. If you prefer your own space, you can generally upgrade to have a room all to yourself (often for an additional supplement).

Concerned about the group setting?

There are so many options available to you. Choose a small group tour if you are after a more intimate experience, or a trip with more passengers for the opportunity get to know more people on your holiday. Many operators rotate seating on the coach each day so you get to know your travel companions, so there is plenty of opportunity to interact. The flexibility of touring also allows for free time where you can explore solo, or get a group together to check out the sights.

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