7 Ways to Explore 2020’s Trending Hotspots That You May Not Have Thought Of

15 November, 2019

Hot air balloons over Cappadocia, Turkey

There are incredible experiences to be had in every corner of the globe and each new year sees a few new trending destinations as well as popular favourites holding resolute on travellers’ ‘must see’ lists. If you are overwhelmed by the choices or are looking for something a little different in 2020, then we’re here to help. We’ve rounded up some of the top destinations on the radar for the new year as well as some ways to experience them that you may not have thought of.  

Dining on tour in Turkey with Intrepid

Take a Foodie Tour of Turkey

Turkey is a melting pot of east and west. Here you’ll find awe inspiring architecture and influences from both, bustling marketplaces with just about everything you can think of, moving historic sites, and incredible scenery from Bodrum’s beautiful bays to Cappadocia’s fascinating rock formations. Varied landscapes beckon, a warm Turkish welcome awaits, and delicious cuisine tantalises your tastebuds. Taking a food tour through Turkey not only introduces you to flavours that will delight your palate, but also takes you beyond the sights and into the homes of those who have mastered them. Through food, delve into the culture and traditions of this incredible country – served up with a side of scenery and history.

Beaches of Belize

Explore Belize with the Family

Boasting pristine rainforest, a gorgeous coastline, and a coral reef rivalled only by Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, Belize is packed with appeal. History lovers will be blown away by the ancient Mayan ruins while nature lovers and animal aficionados will be in awe of the concentration of varied wildlife and the spectacular environments that they call home. The best part? There is not only something for varied interests, but also all ages. Families rejoice! On a family Belize adventure you can enjoy plenty of wildlife spotting as well as kayak, swim, and snorkel to your heart’s content. Designed with families in mind, the itinerary is suitable for children of all ages from seven upwards and brimming with memory-making potential. 

The Last Post being played at Menin Gate

Visit the Battlefields of Belgium

Often overshadowed by its ever popular neighbours, Belgium is making its way on to travellers’ radars for 2020 – but its drawcards are not new. Its medieval towns hold age old charm, its impressive architecture dates back centuries, and its flair for producing some of the most delicious chocolate in the world has long been celebrated. However, it is the WWI battlefields near Ypres that bring many visitors to pay their respects. A special interest battlefields tour takes you to visit significant sites such as Passchendaele battlefields, Polygon Wood and Tyne Cot Military Cemetery, as well as offering the privilege to attend the playing of the Last Post under the iconic Menin Gate. On a dedicated Dawn Ceremony departure, you will also get to take in a moving ANZAC Day Ceremony across the border at the Australian War Memorial in Villers-Bretonneux.

Practising Yoga on a G Adventures Wellness Tour

Find Wellness in Thailand

How better to find rejuvenation and revitalisation in the new year than on a wellness tour? Plus, you’ll get to experience this hotspot in a whole new way. Go beyond the bustling cityscape of Bangkok as you delve into ancient restorative practices and immerse yourself in the culture, kindness, and calming side of Thailand. Practice yoga, soak in soothing hot springs, visit temples, and find relaxation on the beautiful beaches. Feel energised with some stand up paddle boarding or kick things up a notch with an optional round of Muay Thai. You’ll also nourish your body with healthy dishes and delectable Thai cuisine that will make you smile inside and out.

Cozumel, Mexico

Cycle Around Mexico

When it comes to reasons to visit Mexico, the list goes on and on. Worthy mentions are the stunning beaches, the relics of ancient civilisations, the colonial towns and colourful villages, the mouth-watering cuisine, and the varied countryside. Exploring Mexico by bike allows you to appreciate this incredible country from a whole new perspective. Wind your way along quiet back roads bypassed by many, get to know the locals, and immerse yourself in everything Mexico has to offer at a relaxed pace. With easy and relatively short rides you can simply enjoy exploring this popular destination in a way that few travellers do.   

Women exploring Morocco with Intrepid

Take a ‘Girl’s Trip’ to Morocco

From the bustling markets and happening squares of Marrakech to the far flung reaches of the M’goun Valley, there are treasures aplenty to uncover in Morocco. Small towns and quaint villages will charm as they throw their arms (and their doors) open to welcome you into their homes, their communities, and their varied cultures. Round up the ladies or book yourself on a female-only adventure with fellow kindred spirits to explore this fascinating country. A dedicated women’s expedition to Morocco takes you beyond the guidebooks and unlocks unique experiences for women without compromising on safety in an often conservative country.

Stunning architecture of Uzbekistan

See all Five Stans on a Small Group Tour

Central Asia is making it onto people’s radar, and rightly so. The five Stans (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan) offer a captivating blend of culture and scenery, stunning architecture (think impressive mosques and mesmerising mosaics), and varied landscapes that never cease to amaze. The old trade route of the Silk Road winds its way though this incredible region drawing in travellers with its ancient cities, rich history, and raw natural beauty. Each country has its own set of boasting rights, but if you join a small group adventure to see all five Stans on tour, you’ll get an insight into them all and discover why they’re set to become popular hotspots in 2020 and beyond. 

Natasha Goncalves
Natasha Goncalves Global Journeys