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South America and Central America offer a myriad of choices to those looking for adventure on tour. From lush rainforests to arid deserts, white sandy beaches to active volcanoes, these landscapes contain a treasure trove of natural wonders to discover. Manmade marvels add to the mix, with ancient ruins waiting to be explored and effervescent cities welcoming you with rich cultures the rhythmic sounds of salsa.

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36 Days Lima to Buenos Aires
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33 Days Rio de Janeiro to Lima
Operated By: Travelmarvel
20 Days Santiago to Lima
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Must do experiences and highlights of South & Central America

Thundering Iguazú Falls
Thundering Iguazú Falls
Straddling Argentina and Brazil, this thundering series of falls drop up to 80m (262ft) and feed the lush green forests that ring the impressive cascades.
Havana by Vintage Car
Havana by Vintage Car
Explore the city by vintage car taking in colonial squares, museums, and streets lined with candy coloured buildings that illustrate Havana’s history and creativity.
<a href='/tours/galapagos'>Galápagos Animal Encounters</a>
Unique experiences await in this mecca of wildlife, where sea lions, giant tortoises, iguanas and blue footed boobies call the waters, volcanic terrain, and vast skies home.
Torres del Paine National Park
Torres del Paine National Park
Sharp pillars pierce the frosted skyline and turquoise lakes pool beneath them, catching their reflection. Glaciers spill from the valleys and calving icebergs groan as they break away and are set adrift in this spectacular landscape.
Machu Picchu at First Light
Machu Picchu at First Light
A puzzle of legend and stone. Visit at sunrise when the mist parts, and the sun’s first rays reveal this ancient Incan citadel atop the Andes. It is intriguing, awe inspiring, humbling and goose bump inducing.

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“Amazing South America”
R & T - VIC, Australia Nov 2019
Truly breathtaking sightseeing! We visited Peru, Chile, Argentina and Brazil. The planning and logistics involved to get us to the next destination must have been phenomenal. All went smoothly. We have done many trips in the past and we were extremely impressed with Collette and so were the other people in the group. Would travel again with Collette, in fact, look forward to doing so again soon. The countries we visited were very interesting and quite different from each other which made it more more

“An unforgettable adventure”
Karen & Richard - NSW, Australia Nov 2019
Group travel was a new thing for us and South America was a destination that we approached with trepidation but the lure of remote Patagonia provided the inspiration to overcome our fears. We met our fellow travellers in the city of Buenos Aires, the vibrant home of the tango with a history that enveloped us with both intrigue and admiration. It’s a city with a European heart and a modern skin whose soul comes from its inhabitants who love life, eat late and gather in the cafés to chat away the night. more

“South America”
Jackie - NSW, Australia Oct 2019
Jemma did a great job of organising this holiday for us. It was amazing that we got to see 2 of the seven wonders of the world, Machu Picchu and Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro. It was also fascinating to spend time in towns like Cusco in Peru where there are beautiful old cathedrals, scenic and amazing views in Puerto Natales as well as the beautiful little town of El Calafate. We loved the food, culture and the music and not forgetting the amazing glaciers.There was a slight change in our more

“Perfect holiday”
Shanghao - Singapore Oct 2019
We took a trip to Patagonia with Global Journeys/G Adventures and it was the best we could ever have had. Everything was taken care of, the guides were great and went the distance to add on extras so we could experience what the locals did. Response was quick as well, thanks Jemma for the wonderful trip.

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