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Walk in the footsteps of the Incas and visit one of the most famed places in the world - Machu Picchu. Many more wonders await on a tour of Peru, from the stunning Peruvian Andes to serene Lake Titicaca and the communities that call them home. Don’t overlook the bustling cities on your Peruvian adventure, with delicious cuisine served up in Lima, the charming cobblestones of Cusco, and history aplenty in Arequipa.

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12 Days Lima to Lima
Operated By: Luxury Gold
15 Days Lima to Lima
Operated By: G Adventures
21 Days Lima to Lima
Operated By: Peregrine
12 Days Lima to Lima
Operated By: Globus
13 or 12 Days Lima to Lima
Operated By: Trafalgar
21 Days Lima to La Paz
Operated By: G Adventures
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Must do experiences and highlights on your journey through Peru

Captivating Colca Canyon
Captivating Colca Canyon
Wind through the changing scenery of the Colca Valley and soak in the views of the Colca Canyon, plummeting to depths twice as deep as its Arizonian cousin, the Grand Canyon.
Venture into the Peruvian Amazon
Venture into the Peruvian Amazon
Glide down river systems, canoe across lakes, stay in jungle lodges and hike though the rainforest. Enjoy spotting the native wildlife that calls this stunning ecosystem home.
The ‘White City’ of Arequipa
The ‘White City’ of Arequipa
Framed by volcanoes and principally built from white volcanic material, this colonial city boasts a World Heritage-listed centre and a superb landscape on its doorstep.
Cruise Lake Titicaca
Cruise Lake Titicaca
Cruise atop Lake Titicaca to the Uros floating islands. Here you’ll learn the way of life of the Uros people, who live among over 40 islands hand made from reeds. A unique lifestyle, in a beautiful setting.
Magical Machu Picchu
Magical Machu Picchu
Wind your way through the Sacred Valley en route to the Lost City of the Incas. Arrive by foot or by train and be rewarded with incredible views, intriguing stories, and a sensation of being surrounded by something magical.

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What our clients are saying about their journeys through Peru

“Amazing Inca Trail and Amazon ”
Sharlean & Jason - QLD, Australia Sep 2019
The most amazing trip. The whole trip was so well organised. The price was definitely worth it. 11 flights in total. Bus rides. Boat rides. Train rides. Hiking. Camping. Amazing food. Amazing group. The only thing I'd suggest is to put in the itinerary about the flight from Lima to Cusco as it wasn't clear. I panicked thinking I had forgotten to book a flight. I'd also suggest to put on a guide about tipping and gratitudes to the guides/tour leaders etc as it was confusing at times and really needs more

“Too much free time in La Paz.”
Janet - Australia Feb 2019
Too much free time in La Paz. I enjoyed the trip and Machu Picchu is amazing but I think the itinerary could be improved. (Review provided by Explore Worldwide.)

“A great snapshot of Peru”
Daniel - VIC, Australia Nov 2018
Seamless transitions between the three locations: Lima, Cusco and Puerto Maldonado. The Intrepid guides were friendly, helpful, and gave plenty of useful tips to help deal with the challenges of travelling to these areas, from mosquitoes, to personal security, to altitude sickness. The scenery was spectacular, highlighted by the peaks of the Andes contrasted with the Sacred Valley below, and the lush Amazon jungle. Highly recommend.

“3 day Paracas & Nazca lines tour”
Marion - NSW, Australia Oct 2018
The tour was great, the hotel was good & in the center of town. We were picked up in Lima on time & everything was perfect. The flight over the Nazca lines was wonderful & so was the boat trip out to Ballestas Islands. Our guide was good & gave us lots of information on the area & sunset in the desert was beautiful.

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