Escape to Europe this Winter with Globus

04 November, 2019

Europe in Winter

Europe has so many stories to tell year round, and its appeal doesn’t cool off when the weather does. That’s why Globus offers a selection of their best European journeys throughout the winter months, comprising their Escapes collection.

These trips bring you all the highlights of their summer counterparts, but you’ll share them with fewer other travellers as the peak travel season dwindles. Operating in the low season you will also get incredible value for money and experience spectacular pockets of Europe as they take on a whole different, and slightly magical, feel.

Can’t get the idea of swimming in the Aegean or getting that sun kissed holiday tan out of your head? Here are some perfect winter destinations and worthy alternatives to rival any European summertime experience.

Snow Dusted Swiss Alps


The Swiss Alps are stunning regardless of season, but a fresh dusting of snow can add that little bit of magic to your journey. Like anything weather related it can be temperamental, but if you are travelling in the cooler months you will usually be graced with snow covered peaks overlooking your stay at the base of this breathtaking range. Fancy some fondue with a view?

Make it happen on the Swiss Escape

Guinness Storehouse, Ireland


The cooler months set the perfect scene for the cosy pubs of Ireland. Thaw out with a pint in hand and you reflect on days brimming with incredible scenery and charming towns. Enjoy Irish hospitality as you explore the Emerald Isle and take in the highlights from Dublin’s Georgian squares to the dramatic Cliffs of Moher.

Make it happen with the Irish Escape

The Northern Lights, Norway


If there was ever a good reason to travel to Norway in winter, it is the Northern Lights. During the winter months the longer nights mean more chance to glimpse this spectacular natural phenomenon, and while it is never guaranteed, Tromso in the north of Norway is the perfect place to set off in search of them. Don’t worry though, your days will be filled with such amazing activities that your winter escape to Norway will be rewarding with or without the dancing glow. 

Make it happen on the Norwegian Fjords Escape with Northern Lights

Delicious Italian Cuisine


Ciao, welcome to Italy! The home of incredible cuisine, fantastic wine, rich history, stunning architecture, captivating art and charming culture. The best part? None of this changes in winter! All the things you love about Italy are just as alluring in the cooler months, and often even more so. The big-ticket items draw fewer crowds and the temperate climate is often a welcome change to the often hot summer months. Wander the historic sites without the crowds, sip espresso in quiet squares, and let Italy warm you with a big welcoming hug.  

Make it happen on the Italian Escape

Casablanca, Morocco

Moroccan Escape

Just across the Strait of Gibraltar lies Morocco with its own treasures to uncover, and just like in Europe, winter is a humbly perfect time to travel here. Sizzling warm tagines fill restaurants with delicious aromas and the bustling souks are a delight to walk around in the cooler temperatures. Travellers are expected to dress modestly in Morocco, so travelling outside of the peak summer months can be more comfortable. Being suitably covered (particularly for women) when visiting places of worship on hot days can sometimes be uncomfortably warm, particularly if there are crowds to contend with. Just another reason not to overlook a winter escape!

Make it happen on the Moroccan Escape

Natasha Goncalves
Natasha Goncalves Global Journeys