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Wonderful Tour Across America 0 , QLD, Australia, Sep 2019
I thoroughly enjoyed this tour ! I can't begin to explain the many wonderful sights we saw, just amazing!! A beautiful bunch of people on the coach, who became like long lost friends very early on in the tour. Accommodation was great . The only small complaint was that it was all a bit rushed, but given the distance we travelled and the many amazing more things we saw, that was totally understandable. Would do it all again in a heartbeat. Jemma from Global Journeys was always on hand to answer my MANY questions prior to the trip. She showed extreme patience to my ignorance, given it was my first time traveling . One word of advice - always watch where your walking! Especially in Chicago, sidewalks very dodgy............ Overall the BEST travel experience I have ever had and will be very hard to top.
Trans American Adventure   9 , VIC, Australia, Aug 2019
We thoroughly enjoyed this holiday. It was a perfect mixture of cities and countryside and such a variety of landscapes. We thought that it was excellent value for money, accommodation was good, all the beds being comfortable and the rooms clean. We had a wonderful group to travel with, which added to the enjoyment. Also our tour guide, John, was excellent, more very knowledgable, conscientious and caring. We felt safe at all times with our bus driver, Dave. Thanks to Jodie Wallis for organising this trip for us.
Great adventure crossing of USA from the west to the east 10 , VIC, Australia, Jun 2019
We really enjoyed the Trans-American adventure tour with Cosmos. The accommodation was of a better standard than we expected. Good locations usually within walking distance of the sites in that town/city. The Tour Director Doris was very organised and very informative. She kept us occupied with activities during the long travel times.

Some of the more days were big travel days but that was expected and enjoyable. Always something to see with enough stops. Our Coach driver David was very good and drove in a manner that you felt relaxed and in good hands. The coach was almost brand new and comfortable.

The mix of included and optional activities was just right for us. We joined in most options but also had time off on our own. Would recommend this tour to those that want to see a lot of the USA but are happy to be on the move.

Hannah of Global Journeys was prompt and professional. Everything went off without any issues. We will use Global Journeys again.
We loved this amazing tour 13 , QLD, Australia, May 2019
This is the third Cosmos tour for us and they never disappoint. Our guide (Todd) was exceptional, I cannot speak highly enough of how he absolutely made this tour. This tour is the perfect mix of cities and national parks - the parks were our highlight.

All accommodation was really good, usually in centre of everything and very convenient. This more is also our third booking with Global Journeys because they are more economical than booking direct and make it all very easy. Thanks Jemma for organising this for us.
Great value tour 11 , VIC, Australia, May 2019
Great value tour to see all the main iconic sites across the east coast to the west coast of America. Fantastic value for money tour and very well organised.
Exceeded Expectations   19 , VIC, Australia, Sep 2018
We loved our Trans American Adventure and believe it delivered more than we hoped. The price was very reasonable as there is no food supplied by the tour operator but you know that going in so allow for it. We did get a few bonus breakfasts from hotels along the way but mostly chose to eat our own stuff anyway.

Importantly a Tour Director makes more or breaks a tour like this. And we thought Alison was fantastic. Didn't pull any punches, was honest about the good and the bad which led to a strong bond of trust between her and the whole tour group. She was informative and helpful personally. She quickly realised I was a sports fan so told me of a once in a lifetime opportunity to attend an NFL game rather than go on an optional excursion and supported us in doing so. Also I had a knee strain for most of the tour (overdid it in NY) so walking distances and standing around weren't ideal, but again, some understanding and allowances made sure I didn't miss anything important. There is a huge differential on this tour between the cities and the national parks so you really get a feel for the US and its magnificent diversity.

No question some of the accommodation wasn't first class but hey no-one got bed bugs, was cold or couldn't sleep because of noise so really again given the prices it was fine and we didn't hear any complaints. A mention of the cabins at the Grand Canyon for example - they were pretty basic but when you consider you're pretty much sitting on a rocky peninsula that juts out into the Grand Canyon, it does blow you away. And even there we ended up having a two hat meal at the restaurant. All up highly recommended especially to newcomers to the States and wanting a bit of a taste of a lot of things.
Great way to see the USA   20 , WA, Australia, Sep 2018
We have just returned from a 24 day tour of the USA with Cosmos which was organised through Hannah Campbell of Global Journeys. The trip started in New York and concluded in Los Angeles. The tour was listed as Cross Country USA. From the moment we contacted Hannah I knew we were in good hands. Hannah was exceptional, answering all our questions and more providing excellent advice along the way. Any questions were answered promptly and fully which made us feel very comfortable. I cannot recommend Hannah highly enough.

The trip itself was excellent. We visited 19 states and experienced all the major attractions that you would expect when visiting the USA - the cities of New York, Washington, Chicago, Las Vegas and Los Angeles as well as Niagara Falls, the Grand Canyon and Mt Rushmore. The highlights for us were the National Parks including Yellowstone, Zion, Bryce Canyon and the Badlands of South Dakota. This trip had something for everyone whether it was the hustle and bustle of New York and Las Vegas or the beauty of the natural landscape - well worth the money and an experience to last a lifetime.
Trans USA 10 , QLD, Australia, Aug 2018
Highlights were the national parks, all four of them. I was surprised at how nice the city of Chicago was. Mall of America was a shoppers paradise. Accommodation was good and nice and clean, especially in Chicago with the big bed. It was hot in Las Vegas and I saw Human Nature, the best show I saw in Las Vegas.
Wonderful Tour across USA 9 , WA, Australia, Jul 2018
A pleasant trip across USA from New York to Los Angeles, with a mix of cities, desert and national parks. Learnt about the history and culture of America through our tour guide who was very informative. However, the farewell dinner was a shame after such a long trip. There was no space in the restaurant and the food was disappointing. To make matters more worse, the waiters were rude and disrespectful. It was not the best way to conclude our trip.
North American holiday   15 , VIC, Australia, Apr 2018
Overall the trip was amazing. I cannot fault the work of Todd, our tour director, he was very organised, friendly and well informed. It was not his fault that our final dinner at the Italian restaurant was a disaster - the food and service were terrible, and I paid $20 US for a third of a glass of wine (chianti) - I was upset as were several others more who paid for beverages. The trip was so good up till then. I think that Todd was embarrassed and he'll not go back there again, I'm sure.

Not providing breakfast is a bummer. I am diabetic and need to have breakfast every day. 5 brekkies were included, but as we paid so much money for the trip, Cosmos can do much better in this regard I feel... hence my overall rating of Very Good, and not Excellent. Our group of 33 gelled together well and I have made some life-long friends.
A discover America tour 14 , NSW, Australia, Sep 2017
The tour provides a comprehensive overview of America and includes the three largest cities, national parks, world heritage areas and rural communities. The pace is measured with adequate time to experience each area. Each day has a number of highlights and the additional activities are carefully prepared and worthwhile.

The tour guide Doris and more Driver Jon were professional, organized and provided an excellent overview of the places visited. The months of September and October provided a great mix of hot and cold weather including snow in Yellowstone National Park. The seat rotation system was excellent as well as in bus DVDs on areas visited. Accommodation exceeded our expectations.
A wonderful trip with a great tour director Alison Millar. 9 , VIC, Australia, Sep 2017
I thought this was a wonderful trip and fulfilled lots of things in the USA I had wanted to see. The accommodation for the price we paid I thought was excellent. We had sun, snow, mountains, rivers and some of the most picturesque sights you could wish for. The trip was full on as we were up early most mornings and the two day stops were most welcome. more I loved the wild west and The Badlands and Mt. Rushmore together with Salt Lake City and able to see the Mormon Choir practicing were all highlights of the trip.
Trans American adventure   8 , NSW, Australia, Sep 2017
A great tour with wonderful companions. Susanna our guide was lovely, knowledgeable and entertaining. The towns, scenery, national parks are all spectacular. The weather was kind, we managed to keep in front of some snow. Highlights were, New York, Niagara Falls, Chicago and Las Vegas.
Such a well organised, worry free fabulous holiday 8 , ACT, Australia, Aug 2017
Although we have travelled extensively in Australia and overseas this was our first coach trip so we can't compare it to any others. It was everything we hoped for. We found Madeleine, who was our contact from Global Journeys, extremely efficient and answered all our texts promptly and a pleasure to speak to by phone as we are in Canberra and she's more in Noosa. Our paperwork done we headed off on our adventure.

We arrived in New York via Dallas and glad we had booked ourselves a couple of extra days in the Skyline hotel before the tour began just to get over the long flight and a chance to book ourselves on the Hop On and Off bus and to get a taste of New York. Our tour guide on the brand new Cosmos coach was Doris and driver Wayne. Both delightful people and ever so helpful. Doris kept us entertained in the coach with number plate bingo, collecting quarters from all 50 states, and showing information videos/movies regarding the states we were travelling in. Our luggage was so well organised, it was placed in our room on arrival and picked up from our rooms at departure time. Doris and Wayne were brilliant at organising this.

The accommodation was very good apart from one cabin in Cody where I detected a bad smell and it seemed rabbits were under lots of cabins. All other accommodations were around 4 stars and were clean and well presented often Best Western and there was always a laundry available very useful for such a long trip..apart from Las Vegas and LA.

Every day was awesome, sit back and relax and enjoy the view, hassle free. Our fellow passengers, from Oz, NZ and UK were great company. On arrival in Hawaii we were picked up and taken to the Princess Kaiulani Hotel (well needed laundry available). We met with Robey, the Cosmos rep who was helpful and gave us maps and general advice about Honolulu and had arranged our departure shuttle. We had been to Honolulu twice before so we just needed to relax, chill out and enjoy. We would recommend this tour if you love a new road adventure.
Efren and Liza trans America tour 2107   8 , NSW, Australia, Aug 2017
We had a dream of a lifetime tour. From planning this holiday with Georgie to the end of the holiday. Jason Capalongo our tour director was amazing and knowledgeable. Darryl our driver was super kind and careful. The places we’ve seen is mine boggling. Will tour with cosmos again. DEFINITELY. thanks Georgie.
Coast to Coast Experience 6 , New Zealand, Aug 2017
Very much enjoyed this tour. Reasonably priced, excellent tour guide, comfy coach and great driver. Accommodation was largely better than expected. Got to see so much of the states, including the great cities of New York and Chicago, and the wonderful rural areas of South Dakota, Yellowstone Park, Grand Canyon, Zion National Park and the Hoover Dam. more A lovely experience that we would certainly recommend to others.
Great highlights of the USA. 12 , WA, Australia, Jun 2017
We all enjoyed our trip through USA and the highlights including Niagra Falls Canada. We were concerned about a 23 day coach tour however it went well. Our driver and tour director ensured frequent stops and we had a good mix of mostly Australians, a few Kiwis and and Brits. Our trip didn't include San Francisco so some of us added this to the end more of the tour. Not sure it was worth it! Be prepared for the different eating habits of the Americans (high fat and sugar) so we picked up fresh fruit and nut snacks when we could. Also Wallmart and Whole Foods stores were a bonus when you can find them - excellent quality.

I think all travellers to the USA should be prepared for the tax and tipping which adds considerably to the cost. We also paid approx. $270 American per head to the driver and Tour Director at the end of the tour. Some of the elderly travelers were concerned as it amounted to over $600 AU which they hadn't budgeted for. I would recommend Cosmos as very professional and efficient. (GJ: Thanks for your review Christine. All clients of Global Journeys also have the option of prepaying gratuities when you make your booking (if they aren't included). Just let us know and we can add it to your quote.)
2017 Trans America with Cosmos Tours   7 , New Zealand, May 2017
Our trip started in New York at the end of May 2017 and was 23 days long. The tour director of our trip was fabulous and went to great efforts to ensure that we had a very rich experience - loved the background information and history of the places that she provided as we were visiting, as well as suitable music and movies to pass the time on the coach. more

The journey was really one long highlight, so many wow moments. Accommodation was of a good standard. There were really only two low points - firstly the lack of breakfast created difficulties as we often started early - it was so great the few times it was provided - it was a major drawback. And the other - the coach was beautiful and comfortable but had only one door at the front so loading was very slow off the coach to view the many highlights, and some people being older are quite slow moving - it did create some bad feeling among the passengers. We have done another Cosmos tour this year, Apulia region in southern Italy, with a two door coach and that was just so much better - easy access on and off. The Apulia trip was wonderful too - highly recommend this to everyone.
Action packed adventure.... enjoyed the National Parks, cities excellent insight to USA 5 , New Zealand, May 2017
The fellow travelers were a good mix, lot of laughs and friendships made my most. We did all but one of the Optionals and enjoyed them all. In regard to the weather it is changeable all over the world so always pack thermals and dress with layers. Disappointed that there was no return bus from the Mall of America this was an inclusion of the tour. People more had to get 2 trains to return back or taxis. Seat rotation was up to Jason's discretion hence some people got the front seats others were moved out of sequence and missed the front seats twice. Very disappointed and saddened for the elderly people who missed the front seat.
NY to LA via Chicago. 4 , ACT, Australia, Sep 2016
As repeat customers of Cosmos, we were very pleased with our coach holiday across the USA. The schedule was busy as there was a lot to see and experience. A free day now and again worked well. Our mob of 26 on a 50 seat Cosmos coach became a team. The tour director and driver shared our enthusiasm while still performing magnificently at their own more tasks. Their sharing of their knowledge both cultural and local as we traveled contributed very enormously (I realise) to the enjoyment of the holiday. One bonding development on the coach was the collecting and swapping of the 50 or so US State Emblem issued quarter dollar coins. The outlay was minimal and the gathering continued regardless of location. Non-gatherers had free entertainment just watching the gatherers. We travelled through the colour cycle of leaves and saw just about every living critter and much more besides.
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