Tours of America's National Parks

Tour America's spectacular canyons and national parks including Yosemite, Yellowstone, Bryce Canyon, Arches, Zion, Mesa Verde and of course the Grand Canyon National Park. Choose from 62 escorted tours and small group adventures that showcase the magic of desert landscapes, pristine pine forests, world famous canyons and unique wildlife. Helicopter over the Grand Canyon, spot wildlife along the Snake River, drive through Monument Valley and more.

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15 Days Las Vegas to Las Vegas
Operated By: Trafalgar
13 Days Las Vegas to Denver
Operated By: Costsaver
11 Days Denver to Salt Lake City
Operated By: Globus
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Must do experiences and highlights of tours through USA's National Parks

Giant Sequoia in Yosemite
Giant Sequoia in Yosemite
Follow the winding paths among the peaceful giant sequoia, unique to the Sierra Nevada and found in verdant groves throughout the Yosemite National Park.
Spot wildlife from Snake River
Spot wildlife from Snake River
Float down the Snake River in Grand Teton National Park, seeking out moose and grizzly bears going about their day in the pine flanked river banks.
Monument Valley with the Roof off
Monument Valley with the Roof off
Take a drive along the red valley floor of Monument Valley in an open top vehicle, driving among the pillars and monoliths with a local expert.
Helicopter over the Grand Canyon
Helicopter over the Grand Canyon
Take a scenic helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon. Riding above and beside the canyon walls, you will be in awe of the height of the cliffs and the plunging depths to the Colorado River.
Geothermal Wonders in Yellowstone
Geothermal Wonders in Yellowstone
Walk among the rainbow tinted hot springs and colourful bubbling mud pools and watch Old Faithful geyser shooting water over 120 feet (37 metres) into the air in Yellowstone National Park, America’s oldest and still one of the finest.

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What our clients are saying about their journeys through America's National Parks

“Western Discoverer”
Lynn - New Zealand Sep 2019
I journeyed through California, Arizona and Nevada on the Trafalgar Western Discoverer tour along with my husband in Sept/Oct 2019. The tour was fast paced with not a lot of down time. But then it was an adventure rather than a holiday and we certainly saw many great sights and participated in fun activities. It was a good balance of spending time in the big busy cities, small towns in the wilderness as well as the various beach side places we stayed at. My personal highlights were an evening more

“Definitely Spectacular”
Merilyn - NSW, Australia Sep 2019
Well organised tour. We saw amazing scenery and learnt a lot of historical facts. The other travellers on our coach all got on really well, it was a very enjoyable tour.

“Marvellous tour through the spectacular National Parks of America's west”
David & Helen - QLD, Australia Sep 2019
Our 15-day Globus coach tour ‘Exploring America's Great Parks’ was a wonderful experience. It was a fast-paced tour covering 3,000 miles in 2 weeks, so we were 'on the go' the whole time. But that was the only way we could have visited as many national parks as we did in the time and see so much spectacular and varied scenery. It's impossible to pick a favourite national park from the trip - they are all so different and all so awesome in their own way. We had no complaints about any part of more

“Wonderful scenery”
John & Pamela - NSW, Australia Sep 2019
Great holiday, we enjoyed the whole trip and were amazed by the wonderful scenery. The bus trip was set at a good pace with plenty of thought by the Tour Director. His planning and knowledge was superb. Accommodation was good to excellent. We hopefully will be planning another Globus Tour, using Global Journeys to book with, as Jodie Wallis was very helpful in the planning of the trip.