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Azamara vs Oceania Cruises

Compare ships, pricing, destinations, onboard facilities and shore excursions between Azamara Cruises and Oceania Cruises.
Azamara Cruises Oceania Cruises
Where do they cruise?
What type of ships do they have? Small Cruise Ships Small & Mid-Sized Ships
How many passengers are on board? 690 – 702 R-Class: 684 / O-Class: 1250
What type of cruise line are they? Premium Premium
What are they known for?
  • Longer stays in port & more overnights
  • Complimentary AzAmazing Evenings
  • Relaxed atmosphere, no scheduled formal nights
  • Longer stays in port & more overnights
  • The Finest Cuisine at Sea
  • Elegant-Casual, no ties required
What is the average cost per day?
  • Interior: $375
  • Oceanview: $417
  • Balcony: $537
  • Suite: $933
  • Interior: $419
  • Oceanview: $474
  • Balcony : $621
  • Suite: $1,034
Are fares all inclusive? No No
Are gratuities included? Yes Yes
Are there any additional gratuities payable on board? Yes. 18% gratuity added for spa services Yes. 18% gratuity added to spa services, bar bills, & the bill for extra-charge eatery La Reserve
Can I get any reciprocal loyalty club benefits? Azamara’s Le Club Voyage has reciprocal benefits with RCL Crown & Anchor Society and Celebrity Cruises Captain’s Club No. Guests only accrue Oceania Club benefits
What is the onboard currency? USD USD
What language is spoken on board? English English
Who cruises with them?
  • Primarily couples & solos
  • Destination focussed, culturally curious travellers
  • Semi-retired or retired
  • World travellers, appreciate good food and wine
What is the average passenger age? Primarily 50+ Primarily 50+
Are they good for families? Children are accepted from 6+ months (or 12+ on select sailings) however, families are openly discouraged from sailing with children under 18 years of age Children are accepted from 12+ months, however, Oceania does not provide for the care, entertainment or supervision of children on most cruises. Select journeys offer the Alaska Explorer Youth Program for 5 – 12 years
Are there children’s programs? No No, except on select Alaska sailings where the Alaska Explorer Youth Program is available
Is there childcare and/or babysitting? No No
What are the accommodation options? Interior, Oceanview, Balcony & Suites Interior, Oceanview, Balcony & Suites
Are there accessible staterooms? Yes Yes
Are shore excursions included? No. However, on AzAmazing Evening event is included on most voyages and a complimentary shuttle is offered in select ports No. However, guests can select ‘Free Shore Excursions’ as their chosen benefit under Oceania’s OLife Choice Program (the number of ‘free excursions’ depends on length of sailing). A complimentary shuttle is also offered in select ports
What types of onboard activities are available for free? Enrichment programs such as guest lectures and some onboard classes Guest lectures, seminars, and destination-focused activities
Are there any onboard activities that I need to pay for? Yes. Some specialty experiences such as Vodka and Caviar tastings, Cocktail making or culinary workshops incur additional charges Specialty onboard seminars, classes in the Culinary Centre (available on select ships) incur additional charges
Is there free evening entertainment? Yes Yes
Is there any paid evening entertainment? Yes. Occasionally special entertainment may incur additional charges No. All shows and entertainment are included in the cruise price
Are there complimentary dining options? Yes Yes
Are there specialty restaurants? Yes. Charges Apply to all Specialty Restaurants Yes. Complimentary. A surcharge applies only to La Reserve and private dining in Privee
Are there dining packages for purchase? Yes No
Are non-alcoholic beverages included? Yes. Bottled water, soft drinks, specialty coffees and teas Yes. Bottled water, soft drinks, fresh juices, specialty coffees and teas
Are alcoholic beverages included? Yes. Select standard spirits, international beers and wines. Complimentary alcohol is not included in room service No. However, guests can select a ‘Free House Select Beverage Package’ as their chosen benefit under Oceania’s OLife Choice Program
Can I purchase a beverage package? Yes Yes
Is there room service? Yes. Complimentary 24/7. Charges apply for alcohol orders. Complimentary alcohol is not included in room service Yes. Complimentary 24/7
Is there Wi-Fi on board? Yes. Charges Apply Yes. Free internet is included as part of the OLife Choice Program (one login per stateroom)
Can I purchase Wi-Fi packages? Yes Yes
Is there a Spa? Yes Yes
Are spa and salon services available? Yes. Charges Apply Yes. Charges Apply
Is there a gym? Yes Yes
Are there group fitness classes? Yes. Included complimentary. Some specialised training programs may incur additional charges Yes. Included complimentary. Some specialised training programs may incur additional charges
Is there personal training available? Yes. Charges Apply Yes. Charges Apply
Is there a self-service laundry? Yes. Complimentary Yes. Complimentary
Is a laundry service available? Yes. Charges Apply Yes. Charges Apply
Is there a casino on board? Yes. Only on Azamara Journey Yes. Norwegian Cruise Line, Oceania Cruises and Regent Seven Seas Cruises share the same Casinos At Sea rewards program

Please Note: There may be additional inclusions and privileges for select stateroom and suite guests or select loyalty member tiers. Activities and entertainment vary by ship, itinerary and departure and are a guide only.

The Verdict

Azamara and Oceania both sit in the upper-premium range, however, neither is all inclusive. Both offer more inclusions than contemporary lines such as Royal Caribbean and Norwegian Cruise Line but fewer than the luxury lines like Silversea and Regent Seven Seas.

Both fares similarly include gratuities and non-alcoholic beverages (including specialty coffee and tea) but exclude shore excursions. Azamara fares tend to include a couple more perks than Oceania’s, such as complimentary alcoholic beverages and an AzAmazing Evenings event shoreside on most voyages. These are included for all guests regardless of the promotion you book, and value-add packages are available for items beyond Azamara’s standard inclusions (such as Wi-Fi and specialty dining which is not included in the cruise price).

When cruising with Oceania, guests can dine complimentary at the specialty restaurants, but will have to pay for alcoholic beverages and all shoreside activities. However, guests can usually choose either of these (beverages, or shore excursions) for free with Oceania’s OLife Choice promotion, which also gives guests complimentary Wi-Fi as an added bonus. Look out for this (and other promotions) when weighing up which is the best value option for you, and take a closer look at each line’s beverage and dining inclusions below to determine what’s most important to you in your cruise fare.

Azamara Includes Alcoholic Beverages

Azamara includes complimentary standard spirits, beers and wines for all guests, but you’ll have to pay for premium alcoholic drinks. You can purchase a beverage package to upgrade your included selections.

Oceania does not include any alcoholic beverages in their standard cruise fare, however guests can choose a complimentary House Select Beverage Package as their OLife Choice bonus (wine and beer with lunch and dinner only). Purchasing alcohol can add a considerable cost on top of the cruise fare if guests opt for another OLife Choice bonus or want to upgrade their beverage package to include spirits.

Oceania Includes Specialty Dining

Oceania’s cruise price includes all dining options (even specialty restaurants) on R-Class ships, and all but two exclusive dining experiences on O-Class ships (you’ll have to pay for wine pairing dinners in La Reserve and private dining in Privee). Across the fleet you will find a main dining room, a couple of casual venues and tea/coffee lounges, and two to four other complimentary specialty options open for dinner only (depending on your ship).

Azamara has two specialty restaurants on each of their ships, but you will have to pay a US$30 surcharge to dine in them. Complimentary options include the main dining room and a couple of venues for casual dining and snacks. If you are planning on multiple visits, specialty dining packages are available for purchase.

Which ships will suit me best?

Azamara’s three ship fleet and Oceania’s four R-Class vessels were all formerly sister ships under Renaissance Cruises, so they are comparable in size and layout. They have been revamped in each cruise line’s individual style, however, with roughly 700 guests apiece and a generous passenger to space ratio, they have a very similar feel. Oceania also has two O-Class mid-sized ships with almost double the capacity and some added facilities like The Artist Loft, the Culinary Centre, and a few extra dining venues.

Across their fleet, both Azamara and Oceania offer guests low key elegance - Azamara encourages a relaxed feel with no formal nights and Oceania promotes an elegant-casual atmosphere with ‘no ties required’. Their guests tend to be primarily 50+ and each attracts culturally curious travellers who have a deep interest in the destination, rather than those who want the onboard thrills of a resort-at-sea. You can expect guest lectures and classes and you’ll enjoy some evening shows and entertainment (Azamara is known for their signature White Night Party and AzAmazing Evenings).

With smaller ships designed to travel into the heart of destinations, both Azamara and Oceania satisfy the inquisitive world traveller and you’ll find a similar demographic and atmosphere on both. If anything is to set them apart, it may be that Oceania’s culinary program perhaps angles a little more for the connoisseurs (although foodies won’t be disappointed with Azamara’s offering) and the few extra facilities on its two mid-sized ships may appeal to cruisers making the shift from larger contemporary lines to a smaller one.

Who has the right itinerary and shore program for me?

Both Azamara and Oceania offer excursions for purchase as well as longer stays and overnights in port (plus a complimentary shuttle in a lot of them). Along with excursions that visit the signature sights, both have curated options to delve deeper.

Azamara has a collection of ‘Local Immersions’ limited to just 26 travellers, that are designed to connect more with the local culture. Their pride and joy shoreside is their AzAmazing Evenings which offer guests a private show to highlight the destination - a perk on most voyages.

Oceania’s ‘Go Local Tours’ take you into people’s homes and businesses to get a real feel for the places you visit, and their Culinary Discovery Tours (exclusive to Marina and Riviera) are another foodie-focussed standout for the line. Oceania doesn’t include any onshore experiences in their cruise price, however, guests may choose a number of free excursions as part of their OLife Choice promotion. Oceania also offers excursion packages for purchase which can save you up to 25% or 40% on the excursion prices.

Given that the onshore and onboard experience with Azamara and Oceania is relatively similar, choosing between the two may come down to where you want to go and which line offers the itinerary that suits you best. With more ships, Oceania offers a greater choice of itineraries while Azamara promotes a selection of ‘country intensive’ voyages (along with their multi-destination options) if you’re looking to get to know one destination in more depth.