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Oceania vs Regent Seven Seas

Compare ships, pricing, destinations, onboard facilities and shore excursions between Oceania Cruises and Regent Seven Seas.
Oceania Cruises Regent Seven Seas
Where do they cruise?
What type of ships do they have? Small & Mid-Sized Ships Small Cruise Ships
How many passengers are on board? R-Class: 684 / O-Class: 1250 490 – 750
What type of cruise line are they? Premium Luxury
What are they known for?
  • Longer stays in port & more overnights
  • The Finest Cuisine at Sea
  • Elegant-Casual, no ties required
  • All-inclusive luxury
  • Unlimited free shore excursions
  • Elegant-casual dress code
What is the average cost per day?
  • Interior: $419
  • Oceanview: $474
  • Balcony : $621
  • Suite: $1,034
  • Oceanview: $973
  • Balcony : $1,228
  • Suite: $2,028
Are fares all inclusive? No Yes
Are gratuities included? Yes Yes
Are there any additional gratuities payable on board? Yes. 18% gratuity added to spa services, bar bills, & the bill for extra-charge eatery La Reserve No
Can I get any reciprocal loyalty club benefits? No. Guests only accrue Oceania Club benefits No. Seven Seas Society only
What is the onboard currency? USD USD
What language is spoken on board? English English
Who cruises with them?
  • Semi-retired or retired
  • World travellers, appreciate good food and wine
  • Seasoned globetrotters
  • Appreciate culture, enrichment and cuisine
  • High number of repeat travellers
What is the average passenger age? Primarily 50+ Primarily 55+
Are they good for families? Children are accepted from 12+ months, however, Oceania does not provide for the care, entertainment or supervision of children on most cruises. Select journeys offer the Alaska Explorer Youth Program for 5 – 12 years Children are accepted from 6+ months (or 12+ on select sailings), however, Regent Seven Seas Cruises does not provide for the care, entertainment or supervision of children on most cruises. Select journeys offer the Club Mariner program for 5 – 17 years
Are there children’s programs? No, except on select Alaska sailings where the Alaska Explorer Youth Program is available No, except on select sailings on which the Club Mariner program is available
Is there childcare and/or babysitting? No No
What are the accommodation options? Interior, Oceanview, Balcony & Suites All-balcony suites on all ships. Seven Seas Navigator also has oceanview suites
Are there accessible staterooms? Yes Yes
Are shore excursions included? No. However, guests can select ‘Free Shore Excursions’ as their chosen benefit under Oceania’s OLife Choice Program (the number of ‘free excursions’ depends on length of sailing). A complimentary shuttle is also offered in select ports Yes. Free Unlimited Shore Excursions. There is also an additional Regent Choice collection available for purchase
What types of onboard activities are available for free? Guest lectures, seminars, and destination-focused activities Activities such as trivia and bocce ball, and an enrichment series with classes and lectures offered onboard. A destination expert will provide information on every voyage, and special interest lectures will be offered on select journeys
Are there any onboard activities that I need to pay for? Specialty onboard seminars, classes in the Culinary Centre (available on select ships) incur additional charges Yes. Things like cooking classes in the Culinary Arts Kitchen and specialty seminars incur additional charges
Is there free evening entertainment? Yes Yes
Is there any paid evening entertainment? No. All shows and entertainment are included in the cruise price No. All onboard shows are included in the cruise fare
Are there complimentary dining options? Yes Yes
Are there specialty restaurants? Yes. Complimentary. A surcharge applies only to La Reserve and private dining in Privee Yes. Complimentary
Are there dining packages for purchase? No No
Are non-alcoholic beverages included? Yes. Bottled water, soft drinks, fresh juices, specialty coffees and teas Yes. Bottled water, soft drinks, fresh juices, specialty tea and coffee
Are alcoholic beverages included? No. However, guests can select a ‘Free House Select Beverage Package’ as their chosen benefit under Oceania’s OLife Choice Program Yes. Select spirits, wines, champagne and beer (includes fine wines and premium spirits)
Can I purchase a beverage package? Yes No
Is there room service? Yes. Complimentary 24/7 Yes. Complimentary 24/7
Is there Wi-Fi on board? Yes. Free internet is included as part of the OLife Choice Program (one login per stateroom) Yes. One complimentary login is provided per suite
Can I purchase Wi-Fi packages? Yes Yes. Upgraded streaming plans are available for a nominal fee
Is there a Spa? Yes Yes. Complimentary access
Are spa and salon services available? Yes. Charges Apply Yes. Charges Apply
Is there a gym? Yes Yes
Are there group fitness classes? Yes. Included complimentary. Some specialised training programs may incur additional charges Yes. Some specialised programs may incur charges
Is there personal training available? Yes. Charges Apply Yes. Charges Apply
Is there a self-service laundry? Yes. Complimentary Yes. Complimentary
Is a laundry service available? Yes. Charges Apply Yes. Charges Apply
Is there a casino on board? Yes. Oceania Cruises, Norwegian Cruise Line and Regent Seven Seas Cruises share the same Casinos At Sea rewards program Yes. Regent Seven Seas Cruises, Norwegian Cruise Line, and Oceania Cruises share the same Casinos At Sea rewards program

Please Note: There may be additional inclusions and privileges for select stateroom and suite guests or select loyalty member tiers. Activities and entertainment vary by ship, itinerary and departure and are a guide only.

Who provides the best value – Oceania or Regent Seven Seas?

Despite being owned by the same parent company (Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd), Oceania and Regent Seven Seas have a distinct product offering that makes them more like cousins than sister brands. Oceania sits in the higher end of the premium range with some (but not all) perks included, while Regent boasts an all-inclusive luxury cruise experience.

Every cruise fare with Regent Seven Seas includes alcoholic beverages (including fine wines and premium spirits), all dining options, Wi-Fi, gratuities and free unlimited shore excursions. There are some optional extras available for purchase throughout the journey, such as specialty classes in the onboard Culinary Arts Kitchen, Spa Services, and a collection of for fee Regent Choice Shore Excursions, however you could practically leave your wallet at home and still get plenty out of the experience.

Cruising with Oceania is more of an a la carte affair – you’ll have your dining (including specialty restaurants), Wi-Fi (thanks to the ongoing OLife Choice promotion), pre-paid gratuities, and non-alcoholic beverages included, but you’ll have to pay for alcohol and on shore experiences. Oceania’s OLife promotion currently lets guests choose one of three added bonuses as part of their fare (a select number of free shore excursions, a free house beverage package, or shipboard credit), but anything beyond the standard fare inclusions or covered by guests’ chosen OLife perk is at a cost.

To determine which is the best value for you, it comes down to whether you’ll make use of the added benefits that make up Regent’s cruise price, or whether you’ll still come out ahead once you’ve factored in the costs you would ultimately be adding onto your Oceania fare.

Which ships suit me best?

Oceania Cruises and Regent Seven Seas have a similar small ship cruise experience across most of their fleet, with four ships apiece accommodating roughly 700 passengers. Oceania also has two mid-sized ships accommodating 1,250 passengers, while Regent’s fifth ship (Seven Seas Navigator) hits maximum capacity with an intimate 490 guests.

On board both lines you’ll find travellers with an appreciation of the destinations and cultures around them, as well as an affinity for fine wine and dining. Both lines put a strong emphasis on culinary excellence which is a drawcard for their demographic, and you’ll find top class dining options across the board as well as a dedicated venue for cooking classes offered on two ships of each fleet.

You can expect guests with similar interests cruising across both lines and a similar onboard enrichment program to suit. You may perhaps find an ever-so-slightly younger crowd on Oceania, while Regent tends to welcome more seasoned cruisers who have perhaps been travelling the world’s oceans a little longer (and likely on Regent, with a high number of repeat travellers).

If you are planning to travel with children (or would prefer to cruise only with other adults), it is worth noting that both Oceania and Regent Seven Seas have limited sailings that host youth programs. While there is no kid’s club, youth-oriented programs can be found in Alaska with Oceania’s Alaska Explorer Youth Program and in Alaska, the Mediterranean, Northern Europe and the Baltics with Regent Seven Seas’ Club Mariner Program. Neither cruise line is heavily family focussed, but if you’re wanting some family friendly options on board, then look for these select sailings.

When it comes to accommodation, Oceania has more variety to choose from, with inside staterooms to suites available across the fleet. Regent’s ships are marketed as having all-suite accommodation, and all (except for some Deluxe Window Suites on the Seven Seas Navigator) have balconies. If you plan to spend a lot of your time in the privacy of your stateroom, then you can’t go wrong with Regent Seven Seas’ spacious offering (even their smallest option tops all but Oceania’s suites in size). However, if you’re likely to be out and about and see your stateroom as just somewhere to rest your head, then you can choose a more modest sized option (albeit still fashioned in an elegant residential style) at a lower price point with Oceania.

Who has the right shore program for me?

On shore, you will find similar experiences on offer with Oceania and Regent Seven Seas. In fact, you will often find a crossover of the exact same excursions available through each line – you’ll just have to pay for them with Oceania. If you have opted for ‘free shore excursions’ as your OLife Choice bonus, you’ll have some onshore excursions included for free, but not one per day. If you enjoy independent exploration, Oceania might be the way to go. You can pay for excursions that you want to partake in (or receive some complimentary with the OLife promotion), but you are not paying for those that you don’t. Plus, a complimentary shuttle in select ports is also handy if you opt for independent exploration.

On the other hand, Regent Seven Seas includes a comprehensive collection of free shore excursions in every port, and there are also for-fee Regent Choice options that may be of a specialty nature or tailored private driver/guide experiences. If you plan on joining a prearranged shore excursion at every port, then it can be convenient not to have to worry about the individual costs of experiences thanks to Regent’s included excursions. Plus, you can always opt for a for-fee option if it’s something that interests you.

However you choose to explore shoreside, you can visit popular cruise destinations and smaller lesser-visited ports with both Oceania and Regent Seven Seas. Each line offers hundreds of itineraries around the globe, with a strong offering in regions such as Alaska, the Caribbean, and around Europe. You can also enjoy longer transoceanic cruises and worldwide voyages with either line, with enriching experiences on board and on shore throughout.