5 Uniquely Japanese Experiences to have at the Summit of Mt Fuji

01 August, 2019

Hiking Mt Fuji, Japan

If you are challenging yourself with a hike of Mt Fuji, then you will be pleasantly surprised to know that your efforts will be duly rewarded at the peak. More than just a sense of accomplishment, here are some things to enjoy when you reach the summit of Mt Fuji.

Catch an Incredible Sunrise

While you are in the ‘Land of the Rising Sun’ it would be an oversight not to enjoy some spectacular sun rises. One of the best seats in the house? Definitely the peak of Mt Fuji. Time your hike to hit the summit before the golden glow starts to spread across the mountains and valleys below and watch as the first rays of the day dance through the clouds.

Walk Around the Crater

The summit of Mt Fuji is not so much a single peak as it is a crater, given it is a volcano. The rim is roughly four kilometres around and if you still have some energy left in your legs, you can stroll its circumference to take in the view from every angle. Mt Fuji is often cloaked by cloud, but if you are blessed with a clear day, the views are impressive. If nothing else, you will feel on top of the world amongst the clouds.

Hiking sticks, Mt Fuji, Japan

Stamp Your Hiking Stick

More than just a handy tool for your climb, a wooden hiking stick can be a memento of your accomplishment when you tackle Mt Fuji. Along the way you can get it stamped to represent your progression to the peak and the imprint when you reach the top will etch itself into your proudest memories as well as into the timber.

Enjoy a Hot Noodle Soup

At the various mountain huts and stations along the trail to the summit you can often find food and drink for purchase, however, nothing beats slurping that warm broth and noodles once you’ve completed your climb. Rest your legs and warm up with a hot noodle soup at the top of the Mt Fuji, refuelling before your descent. 

Send a Postcard

Japan’s highest post office sits nestled atop Mt Fuji and from here you can send news of your achievement to your loved ones back home. Only open during the summer hiking season your penned messages will be ferried from this outpost at altitude down the mountain by a bulldozer-esque vehicle and sent on its way by ‘snail mail’.  

Make the most of your time at the summit of Mt Fuji, as it tends to be a once in a lifetime experience. As the Japanese proverb goes; ‘He who climbs Mt Fuji once is a wise man, he who climbs it twice is a fool’.

Natasha Goncalves
Natasha Goncalves Global Journeys