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Embark on a river cruise along the Nile and explore the heart of ancient Egypt. Visit the colossal monuments conceived by pharaohs past, from the Temples of Karnak to Abu Simbel, explore the Valley of the Kings, shop the bustling markets of Aswan, and observe life along the Nile as you become part of it during your Egypt river cruise, the trip of a lifetime.     

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7 Days Cairo to Cairo
Operated By: Luxury Gold
17 Days Cairo to Amman
Operated By: APT
17 Days Cairo to Cairo
Operated By: Bunnik
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Must do experiences and highlights along the Nile

Life on the Nile
Life on the Nile
Immerse yourself in Egyptian life on the Nile, don traditional dress (galabeyas) and enjoy an evening of local delicacies, music and dance on board.
Temple of Horus, Edfu
Temple of Horus, Edfu
An entrance marked by an enormous wall inlaid with carvings and flanked by two flacon sculptures is a fitting welcome to this impressive site.
Feluccas and Flora
Feluccas and Flora
Sail on a traditional felucca to Kitchener’s Island, where the stunning botanical gardens flourish with exotic plants creating a lush oasis on the Nile.
Temple of Kom Ombo
Temple of Kom Ombo
Standing sentinel on a bend in the Nile, this temple complex is dedicated to two gods, Horus the falcon god and Sobek the crocodile god. Honouring Sobek, you’ll find mummified crocodiles amidst the other ancient artefacts.
Luxor at First Light
Luxor at First Light
Luxor’s ancient temples and monuments are incredible at any time, explored any way. But there is a certain magic to floating over this landscape by hot air balloon as the sun lights up the open air museum below.

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What our clients are saying about their journeys through Egypt

“Wonderful trip down the Nile”
Kate & John - QLD, Australia Nov 2019
What an amazing country Egypt is! We travelled in November, temperature averaged around 25C and no humidity, perfect for touring the temples, low crowds. The River Tosca is a beautiful older ship with lots of timber and a relaxed atmosphere. Staff were absolutely amazing, as with all Uniworld cruise staff, remembering drink preferences and names after the first day. The food fresh and lots of choice, including local flavours. Plenty of fresh bottled water each day. With only 60 guests on board more

“Wonderful tour”
Vivienne - VIC, Australia Oct 2019
I found the trip to be terrific. I was very happy with all the accommodation and arrangements. Everything pretty much ran to the schedule and I was so happy to be able to go to Abydos with this tour as a lot of tours do not go there. Obviously it was still very hot in Egypt when I was over there and there were a few occasions where I did not participate in climbing down some tombs or entering the Pyramids. My non participation on these few occasions was not an issue or frowned upon. Our group consisted more

“Best of Egypt”
Daniel & Patricia - Australia Oct 2019
Great destination, amazing history and sightseeing. Archaeologically significant experience. River cruise was great, good opportunity to experience the Nile and the ports along the way.

“Egyptian Voyager”
Sue - QLD, Australia Sep 2019
This trip was everything I wanted and hoped it would be! :-) Thank you so much for suggesting this trip and making it work for us. The itinerary was very full but covered everything we wanted to see and more. The bus, the boat and the most of the accommodations were great - friendly, clean and courteous. Our guide was absolutely fantastic! He made our trip! His knowledge, explanations, consideration, help and friendliness made everything that was great even better! My one complaint was the Hilton more