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Explore ancient sites and lost cities, traverse desert landscapes and get to know the locals on a guided tour or small group adventure to Jordan. Float in the mineral rich waters of the Dead Sea, visit the Ancient City of Petra, camp under the stars of Wadi Rum, and explore the Roman Ruins of Jerash. Dramatic landscapes, ancient legends and unforgettable experiences await in Jordan.

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Discover Must do experiences and highlights on your Jordan tour

Petra by Night

Petra by Night

Visit the Ancient City of Petra after darkness falls to see the incredible carved facades dancing in the golden light of over 1,000 flickering candles.

Explore Wadi Rum

Explore Wadi Rum

Take a thrilling 4WD tour to explore the desert landscapes, or perhaps swap car for camel and rock your way through this incredible terrain.

Float in the Dead Sea

Float in the Dead Sea

Soak in blue pools ringed by white mineral deposits that infuse these therapeutic waters. Float effortlessly thanks to the high salt concentration.

Roman Ruins of Jerash

Roman Ruins of Jerash

Be transported back to a time when archways and colonnades marked the streets of a grand Roman city. These well preserved ruins conjure up images of an opulent life some 2,000 years ago.

Stay in a Bedouin Camp

Stay in a Bedouin Camp

These nomadic people of the desert are known for their hospitality, and you can experience it first hand as you sit by a fire under the vast desert skies and swap stories over a camp dinner.

Recent Reviews What our clients are saying about their Jordan trips

Highlights of Jordan and Egypt Review   , NSW, Australia, Nov 2023
A great adventure for in depth ancient history buffs of Jordan and Egypt.

The tour guides were locals, confident, experienced, very knowledgeable, friendly, helpful and well organised, always conscious of our safety and well being. They told us what pitfalls to be aware of when shopping and touring. However, often, there was information overload, more leaving insufficient time for exploring, which was quite disappointing, especially, for many, this was a bucket list destination.

The tour in Jordan was enjoyable with its varied activities. However, that in Egypt was heavily concentrated on rushing to visit as many tombs as possible, so we soon became “tombed”out. A more leisurely pace with time to enjoy some of the beautiful hotels on the Nile and an exploration of modern Egypt would have created a more enjoyable experience.

The accommodation was a mixture of very modern exclusive hotels, some bygone ones in the process of being renovated and one unwelcoming, very basic, old Wadi Rum “glamp”. Thank goodness for the lovely, modern Movenpick cruise boat which softened the blow, with its wonderful crew and experienced chefs!

The variety of foods was an experience, a mixture of delicious to wanting, as in Wadi Rum where you couldn’t even have toast! Often, dishes were comparatively very salty and heavily spiced, just how the locals like it?

The Bunnik tour was pricey for such inconsistent accommodation and food options but we felt very safe, well looked after and happy to be with a small group of lovely easy going Aussie fellow travellers. You will have fun, if you are willing to go with the flow.

To stay well, don’t eat the salad, even in five star hotels, or use ice and always use bottled water, even for brushing your teeth! This was made easy with Bunnik providing an endless supply of complimentary bottled, water!

Lastly, I must commend Global Journeys and Bunnik for their professional and dedicated staff, who are always happy to answer our questions and concerns.
Marvellous Jordan     , NSW, Australia, Oct 2023
My wife and I have just returned from an absolutely fantastic adventure to Jordan. I must admit that Jordan was a last minute choice after hostilities broke out in Israel and travelling there became impossible. So less than a week before the start of the tour a phone call to Hannah became necessary. Hannah is super professional and had the tour and more extra accommodation confirmed in next to no time.

As far as the trip is concerned this was the first G Adventures tour we have booked. As a National Geographic tour it is premium in inclusions but most importantly their best tour guides are included. Our guide Montaser could not be faulted. It might sound strange but it is the little things which really make a successful trip. Special local venues and restaurants that only a local knows about really add to the overall experience. As far as visiting Jordan what a pleasant surprise. The locals were always friendly, the food and of course the scenery and history. Every day was just spectacular! Petra, Wadi Rum, the Dead Sea, the Roman ruins and so much more. The best comment I think I can make is , “Do yourself a favour and visit Jordan.”
Great highlights of Jordan   , VIC, Australia, Sep 2023
Good itinerary for seeing the main highlights in Jordan. Would have been nice to include Wadi Mujib in the itinerary. Also the starting point hotel is quite awful, especially compared to the other hotels.
Well put together and professional     , NSW, Australia, Sep 2023
Collette are a US company and cater to those needs of that market, so accommodation was in general of very good quality and the lovely group of people were almost all well travelled and return clients. There was care taken with food and water quality, and excellent qualifed Egyptologist guide in Egypt who gave us an excellent experience. The quality more of the Nile cruise was outstanding, a beautiful ship with great food, no comparison with the other ships we saw doing the same route except possibly the dedicated river cruise companies. Worth noting that while this was peak season, supposedly cooler it was unseasonably and often unbearably hot, often 45-47 degrees, which produced a real aircon problem at our Nubian hotel. And the crowds were horrendous everywhere- our guide did a good job of getting us places when crowds were minimal. His expertise and kindness were exceptional.

The Jordan guide was fairly uninterested in our group - it was just a job for him, he never knew our names or tried to help anyone having difficulties, resulting in some dissatisfaction, but he was competent. The wonders of Egypt are amazing, but there is a cost in patience and resilience - the pace is pretty relentless at times, getting around to everything, and there are relentless vendors and demands for tipping. Our guide really tried to mitigate this and it was a quality experience, helped by only 23 people, who were all such enjoyable companions.

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