Explore the land of the Vikings with Luxury Gold

23 October, 2019

Historic Bergen, Norway

Scandinavia, a land of innovative spirit, natural beauty and rich culture welcomes visitors with open arms to follow in the footsteps of the Vikings. Travelling to the northern cities of Europe with Luxury Gold on its Timeless Scandinavia itinerary, you will find a beautiful blend of tales of the past with slick contemporary design and outstanding natural gems.

Local Experts take you across the best of Denmark, Sweden and Norway over 12 days, including visits to the famous Hans Christian Andersen’s Little Mermaid and the Amalienborg Palace, home to the Danish Royal Family.

Embracing your Viking spirit on the Timeless Scandinavia journey, you can learn all about the regions nautical heritage; from enjoying a private canal cruise through the multi-coloured Gothenburg, exploring Swedens’ Vasa Museum which houses a 17th Century Galleon vessel, to standing in awe of deep and magnificent fjords during an adventure going Your Way – either the adrenaline-fuelled RIB boat or a gentle guided kayaking expedition – in Geiranger. 

Flam Railway, Norway

Luxury Gold hosts guests in the best locations, including the elegant and award-winning At Six hotel in Stockholm, and offers exceptional dining experiences such as Kaffegillet Gamla Stan, where you will enjoy a regional meal such as Venison stew or Baltic Fish, whilst taking in the charms of the surrounding old town.

Leaving the very best till last, Norway offers much to explore, from the Hollmenkollen Ski Jump Museum just outside of Oslo offering panoramic views of the city, the world’s steepest railway along the mountainside of the Flam Valley, as well as the mesmerising port city of Bergen, home to colourful wooden houses, harbourside markets, and rolling hills.

Throughout Scandinavia, Luxury Golds’ professional, knowledgeable and personable Travelling Concierge will indulge your passions offering an immersive, small group journey. This itinerary will allow you to connect with your fellow travellers as well as the different cultures, embrace the history of the region and be charmed by the stunning and dramatic scenery across Europe’s North.

Barb Durance
Barb Durance Global Journeys