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Encircled by sea, a small ship or ocean cruise is the perfect way to discover Australia’s stunning coastlines. From the rugged Kimberley or the extraordinary landscapes of Tasmania to culturally rich Arnhem land or tropical Far North Queensland where the rainforest meets the sea, there is ample choice in our collection of 184 Australia cruises.

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13 Days Sydney to Sydney
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17 Days Perth to Melbourne
Operated By: Azamara
9 Days Sydney to Sydney
Operated By: Royal Caribbean
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Whimsical Whitsundays
Whimsical Whitsundays
A breathtaking archipelago of turquoise water, 74 lush tropical islands, and white sand beaches. Once you drop anchor in Cid Harbour, you may not want to leave.
Tasmania’s Wineglass Bay
Tasmania’s Wineglass Bay
Admire Tasmania’s stunning coastal scenery, from beautiful headlands to hidden nooks, crowned by the ridges of Freycinet National Park that offer sweeping views of Wineglass Bay.
The Marine Life of Ningaloo
The Marine Life of Ningaloo
Explore this stunning reef fringing Australia’s west coast. Don a snorkel to discover a vibrant underwater world or spot migrating humpback whales breaching above the surface.
Cruise Horizontal Falls
Cruise Horizontal Falls
Get up close to the marbled white and turquoise wall of water thundering between two steep craggy gorges. A thrilling experience and an absolute highlight of your Kimberley Coast small ship cruise.
The Traditions of Arnhem Land
The Traditions of Arnhem Land
Be enchanted by the deep rooted customs and incredible arts of Arnhem Land and greeted by traditional Welcome to Country ceremonies as you cruise this historically and culturally rich coastline.

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Your guide to cruising around Australia & the Kimberley

Yvonne's Spectacular APT Kimberley Coast Cruise 01 October, 2019
Yvonne's Spectacular APT Kimberley Coast Cruise

I recently had the opportunity to join APT on the Expedition Cruise ship Ms Island Sky sailing along the Kimberley Coast from Broome to Darwin. I knew I was in for an amazing experience but this surpassed even my own expectations. It is a vast and remote region and the colours of the natural..

Why You Should Cruise the Kimberley 21 June, 2018
Why You Should Cruise the Kimberley

Part of the appeal of the Kimberley is its remoteness and isolation. Many areas are inaccessible by road, so taking to the water to explore this wild ecosystem presents the opportunity to see the rugged shoreline and the inland treasures from a different perspective.There are many itineraries..

Top Kimberley Cruise Highlights 20 June, 2018
Top Kimberley Cruise Highlights

Get out onto the water to explore the enthralling Kimberley coastline. Cruise along the 12,000 kilometres of vibrant pindan cliffs through turquoise seas. Be amazed by the sea life, bird life and Aboriginal Art that you will see along the way. Feel small against the giant escarpments and the..