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G Adventures    24 April, 2018    Natasha Goncalves   

G Adventures Staff Guiding Small Tour of Galapagos

G Adventures deliver small-group adventure tours that travellers love, and there is no shortage of love coming from our Global Journeys clients. Here are some stand-out highlights from their experiences.

 The CEOs (Chief Experience Officers)

Every G Adventures trip is hosted by a passionate CEO who shares local insight and enriches the experience for travellers on tour. By all accounts, these guys are hitting the mark!

Craig spent 15 days discovering India and captures the essence of what it is like to have a G Adventures CEO leading the way; Our guide was exceptional and very experienced. He carefully planned the schedule each day and often made minor modifications and adjustments, all of which were improvements. He always got the consent of the group before making any changes.”

“A couple of the extra highlights he arranged were getting us into the Taj Mahal first, with a professional photographer, so we all got individual people-free photos in front of the Taj, which is no mean feat. He also organised two musicians (on sitar and tabla), to accompany us on our dawn boat ride on the Ganges, a magical experience.”

Visiting the Taj Mahal on a tour of India

 The Experiences

With choice aplenty, on a G Adventures tour guests can pick from a variety of activities each day to make the holiday experience truly their own.

“The core activities and optional extras were all well explained, accessible and realised my expectations of the Cuban experience,” says Susan, who enjoyed the 9 Day Cuba Explorer tour with G Adventures.

“My favourite experience was an optional walk to the limestone caves. It was $20 for four hours with a wonderful guide and a chance to meet local farmers, hang out with climbers scaling limestone ridges and chill out in a field drinking an amazing grapefruit, honey, pineapple and rum drink served in the grapefruit with a straw.”

The Balance

Graeme and Glenys found that G Adventures provides an excellent balance of guidance and logistical support but the freedom to pursue their own interests.

“We are generally independent travellers as we enjoy diving in deep to get to know the places we visit - the museums, the history, the culture and the food. We found the G Adventures Eastern Europe trip an excellent way of ensuring the logistical issues were handled painlessly (accommodation, transport between cities, basic orientation) and we had plenty of free time for our own explorations.”

Angela agrees; “Whilst the tour is guided, there is sufficient flexibility allowing for free time to discover popular sightseeing spots, shopping and restaurants independently or with fellow travellers.”

Exploring Europe with G Adventures

Itinerary Design & Accommodation

G Adventures design their itineraries with authentic experiences and accommodation throughout, with our clients resting their heads in “true local gems”.

“It was so good not to see the chain stores or hotels and to discover the Cuban lifestyle through our home stays and tours. A really unique and thrilling experience,” notes Susan.

Wendy was impressed with the handpicked stays G Adventures had on her Discover Persia tour; “The hotels chosen were all very good and by comparison the Tehran hotels we booked ourselves for extra time were dreadful.”

It is not just our clients who love the itineraries on offer with G Adventures. Global Journeys’ consultants admire the travel style of G Adventures and appreciate the opportunities this affords their clients.

“I love the active itineraries and that they go places that not everyone would go,” says Juliet Scott, an expert consultant with the Global Journeys team and a globetrotter at heart.

“It’s impossible to choose, but the End of the Earth itinerary through South America is on my list, as is the Druk Path Trek in Bhutan,” says Juliet. “It’s a pleasure booking my clients with G Adventures, as it is a travel experience I would love as well.”

Don’t just take their word for it!  Check out G Adventures with Global Journeys.

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