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Travelmarvel's Deposit Cancellation Cover

Travelmarvel's Deposit Cancellation Cover

What is Travelmarvel Deposit Cancellation Cover? Should I include this cover when booking my Travelmarvel tour or river cruise? Find out here.

What is Deposit Cancellation Cover?

If you choose to pay an up-front fee of AU$95pp, you can then cancel your holiday 100 days prior to travel and retain a full Travelmarvel holding credit of the deposit paid. There are no penalties if a new booking is then made within three years.

Travelmarvel Deposit Cancellation Cover

Conditions apply. Deposit held in credit will exclude fees imposed by third parties including but not limited to — airlines, rail hotels and non-Travelmarvel cruise lines. When booking airfares through Travelmarvel & Global Journeys (including when taking advantage of a special offer that includes air travel) airline cancellation fees will apply as standard, as Travelmarvel reserve the right to issue airline tickets to our discretion once a deposit has been paid.

In the event of cancellation, these fees will be deducted from the deposit paid, and therefore the credit being held. DDeposit Cancellation Cover applies to new bookings only and is only valid up until 100 days prior to travel. After three years, unused credit funds will incur the original cancellation conditions as per brochure. This does not replace travel insurance, which we strongly recommend is organised at the time of booking.

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