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When you enquire about a tour, cruise or river cruise listed with Global Journeys, you'll be looked after by one of our dedicated travel advisors, there to provide you with the best possible booking experience. Read through 6,924 trip reviews from clients that booked their trip with Global Journeys.

AAT Kings
Average 4.5/5
Based on 408 Reviews
Average 4.5/5
Based on 130 Reviews
Average 4.7/5
Based on 343 Reviews
Average 4.7/5
Based on 448 Reviews
Average 4.7/5
Based on 89 Reviews
Average 4.6/5
Based on 69 Reviews
CIE Tours
Average 4.6/5
Based on 212 Reviews
Average 4.5/5
Based on 32 Reviews
Average 4.4/5
Based on 36 Reviews
Average 4.4/5
Based on 1,773 Reviews
Average 4.4/5
Based on 232 Reviews
Average 5.0/5
Based on 1 Reviews
Average 4.8/5
Based on 140 Reviews
G Adventures
Average 4.7/5
Based on 55 Reviews
Average 4.5/5
Based on 696 Reviews
Grand Pacific
Average 4.6/5
Based on 186 Reviews
Insight Vacations
Average 4.5/5
Based on 511 Reviews
Inspiring Journeys
Average 4.8/5
Based on 10 Reviews
Average 4.4/5
Based on 67 Reviews
Average 4.4/5
Based on 18 Reviews
Luxury Gold
Average 4.6/5
Based on 46 Reviews
Average 4.0/5
Based on 5 Reviews
Average 4.4/5
Based on 23 Reviews
Average 4.6/5
Based on 38 Reviews
Average 4.9/5
Based on 8 Reviews
Average 4.6/5
Based on 30 Reviews
Average 4.5/5
Based on 864 Reviews
Average 4.5/5
Based on 294 Reviews
Average 4.7/5
Based on 78 Reviews
U River Cruises
Average 3.0/5
Based on 1 Reviews
Average 4.5/5
Based on 66 Reviews
Average 4.8/5
Based on 13 Reviews

Most Recent Reviews

“Lovely tour in the Southwest outback”
Dinie - Netherlands Mar 2020
With an enthusiastic tour leader (& excellent cook and driver) Sean, 19 people from different countries had a wonderful trip from Perth to Esperance and back. It was the first time I hiked in a ‘swag’, and I wish I had discovered this type of sleeping equipment (50 or so;)) years ago... I’ll be back!

“Perfect Tasmania”
Prem - United States Mar 2020
Ms. Jemma Rosen took care of my reservation for the Perfect Tasmania tour with AAT Kings. Ms Rosen was very prompt and answered all my questions within 24 hours. This was my first reservation with Global Journeys and my experience was very positive and pleasant. I plan to visit Western Australia in the future and will definitely book again with Global Journeys. I highly recommend Ms. Rosen and Global Journeys to everyone. This was my third trip with AAT Kings and the tour was well planned and executed. The pace of the trip was good as we stayed two nights at most of the places. I thank you for making this holiday memorable.

“An amazing adventure through the Red Centre”
Angela - QLD, Australia Mar 2020
The tours were amazing and very well organised. Very busy so it was well worth having a couple of extra nights to relax.

“19 Day New Zealand Showcase”
Carol - NSW, Australia Mar 2020
Very well organised tour. Everything was attended to in a professional manner, from getting our luggage to and from our rooms, to comfort stops and moving us from place to place. The hotels were of a high standard, and the meals provided were delicious and had lots of variety. The tour was in my opinion, of excellent value. We didn’t have a lot of free time, however that meant we were covering a lot of territory, giving us the best travel experience.