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The 19 Tasmanian Walking Co reviews listed below are from past clients of Global Journeys that have travelled with Tas Walking Company. Each review has been individually verified by our team.
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Twelve Apostles Signature Walk   1 , NSW, Australia, May 2023
Unfortunately, I sustained an injury which impacted the last day and a half of my trip. I was really disappointed not to be able to walk the last leg of the week. The hike on the third day, however, was really enjoyable. The Walk of Silence was great and the area we hiked was incredibly beautiful. Regrettably, I missed the last walk, which I had been ...read more really looking forward to. Thankfully, a fabulous scenic helicopter flight salvaged the day, which would have otherwise been even more disappointing. The little café where we had lunch was also quite delightful. As for our guides, Jo and Chris, I couldn't be more thankful. They were extremely encouraging and I was truly grateful for their enthusiasm.
Larapinta Signature Walk   0 , VIC , Australia, May 2023
The campsite was amazing - so comfortable and central to all the walks. Trekking up Mt Sonder was challenging and rewarding, and the river crossing was a great way to finish the walk on the day. The food was superb and the guides went above and beyond to make us feel comfortable. As for recommending this tour, if someone was looking for a challenge, ...read more perhaps other companies may be preferred. However, if someone was after a very comfortable tour, then I would highly recommend this one. The guides were terrific and so informative, polite, and obliging.
Without a doubt the best experience of my life.   0 , QLD, Australia, May 2023
Hiking, the guides, Mount Ossetian, the company, huts, the scenery, the information shared, everything - all of these elements made this trip the best experience of my life, a sentiment my husband Adam echoes. Our guides, Kyah Sakura and Georgia, were incredible, enhancing our hiking experience with their knowledge, skills, and enthusiasm. Without a ...read more doubt, I would recommend this trip to everyone. The guides' contribution to our experience was truly priceless.
Definitely recommend this walk and TWC   0 , NSW, Australia, May 2023
Being amongst the natural environment and the amazing landscape of the Tasmanian Three Capes were highlights of the trip. The extraordinary views and experiences, particularly reaching each of the capes, were unforgettable. I loved everything about the trip.

However, there were limitations regarding the cooking tools at the lodge which impacted the ...read more food preparation. It would significantly enhance the experience if the team could have a toaster and a kettle to support guests' requirements for hot water and toast. I understand there may be solar power issues, but I believe this is surmountable with good batteries. Catering for 14 guests, particularly in the morning, would be easier for everyone if these appliances were available. Regardless, I definitely recommend this walk and TWC. It was my third big active walking holiday in Australia and I love it. It's a great way to meet new people and explore the wild.
Third guided walk with the Tasmanian Walking Company, and it was the best yet.   0 , VIC, Australia, May 2023
The trip to Cape Pillar was a standout, but it was the enthusiasm and support of the guides that truly made this journey unforgettable. The guides were terrific, especially Caroline, or Caz as we came to know her. Her exceptional organisation, knowledge, and enthusiasm set the tone for the trip. This was our third guided walk with the Tasmanian Walking ...read more Company, and it was the best yet. Thank you for a great holiday.
Three Capes Signature Walk   0 , WA, Australia, May 2023
In the bedrooms, I felt the need for a small mirror on the wall and some sort of bedside shelf or table so that everything didn't have to go on the floor. A door mat would have been a good addition too. Apart from these minor details, it was a very positive experience. The sight of the lodge, arriving to coffee and cake in the afternoons with spectacular ...read more views, was an awesome highlight for me! Another highlight was the massage. The breakfasts and dinners were great and the beds were comfortable. Sunrises from the lounge were spectacular. The walks were great, which goes without saying, and I really appreciated all the effort that went into making everyone feel comfortable. However, there were times when I felt a bit like I was on a school camp or excursion, likely because I prefer to do things at my own speed, reading the guide book as I go.
Three Capes Signature Walk   0 , NSW, Australia, May 2023
Our whole experience was first class. Our guides, Frankie and Mike, were extremely knowledgeable, friendly, and welcoming, as were each of the lodge hosts and other staff. Days 3 and 4 were definite highlights of the trip. Climbing The Blade, getting the first sighting of Tasman Island, and witnessing the sheer variety of landscapes and ecosystems over ...read more such relatively short distances were truly fascinating.
Three Capes Signature Walk   0 , NSW, Australia, May 2023
The silent walk, the incredible scenery, and the great lodges were key highlights of the trip. I've done a lot of walking trips in the past, but this was one of the best. The environment was obviously fantastic, but what impressed me particularly were our guides. Kieran is probably the most informative guide I've ever had.
Worth every penny.   0 , NSW, Australia, May 2023
The highlights of my trip included spotting a baby echidna and tuning into the melodic bird sounds. My heart raced as we trekked to The Blade, where soaring dolomite cliffs and the power of the ocean provided an exhilarating spectacle. However, it was a brief 'silent' walk through a mossy fern-lined descent from Mt Fortescue on the final day that provided ...read more perhaps the most moving and quietly satisfying moment for our entire party.

The trip arrangements were excellent, but what truly elevated our journey were our two guides, Kieran and Shinae. They transformed a trek into a tour de force, generously sharing their extensive botanical knowledge and local insights in a narrative style that was as entertaining as it was informative. The warmth and camaraderie fostered during our nightly reviews emerged as a standout element, fostering a genuine communal experience.

With all these amazing experiences, I would definitely recommend this trip to others, provided they are comfortable with the considerable cost. Despite the expense, the sheer richness of the experience and the memories created make it worth every penny.
Cradle Mountain Signature Walk   0 , SA, Australia, May 2023
The trip was marked by challenging and changing terrain, which was a highlight for me. Staying in warm and restful huts after long days of hiking was a relief, and the positive, knowledgeable, sharing, and encouraging guides added a lot to the experience. However, our group of walkers varied in fitness level, and at times, it was difficult for the guides ...read more to keep us all together. As a result, it was tough for those at the tail end of the group, as they would occasionally catch up just as the front part of the group were already rested, giving those behind little time to rest.
Climbing and surviving Cradle Mountain   0 , SA, Australia, May 2023
Climbing and surviving day 1 to Cradle Mountain and day 3 to Mount Ossa were definitely the highlights of my trip. The wonderful meals and wines at night were a welcome treat after the exertion of the day, and I greatly appreciated the beer on night 4. I'd definitely recommend this experience to others. The combination of the stunning scenery, comfortable ...read more accommodation, delicious food, and the wonderful guides made for a memorable team experience. Their care, knowledge, and respect for all team members truly elevated the trip.
Larapinta Signature Walk   0 , QLD, Australia, Apr 2023
One of the highlights of my trip was undoubtedly reaching the peak of Mt Sonder. The physical achievement of this feat and the privilege of sharing such a beautiful and meaningful cultural site was unforgettable. The magnificence of the landscape, reminiscent of Albert Namatjira’s paintings, stopped me in my tracks. Camp life was another highlight, ...read more facilitated by great company and fabulous food and wine around the campfire.

Our guide Dean made our stay truly memorable. He went above and beyond daily to accommodate our requests and ensure our tour was a success. The food was fantastic, with the poached pears being particularly memorable. The quality of the coffee in the middle of the bush was also a surprise.

The tent accommodation was comfortable, and the option of sleeping in a swag under the star-filled sky was a wonderful touch. However, there were a few logistical issues with the tents and sleeping arrangements that caused minor inconveniences. Returning to camp each day was a joy, with drinks and food served individually around the campfire.

However, it must be mentioned that the needs of a member of our group with specific food allergies were not adequately addressed, despite these allergies having been communicated in advance. It was concerning to witness the food of concern being served repeatedly, especially considering we were often out of range even with the sat nav phone. This issue required careful management by our group.

The work ethics of the guides varied, with Dean and Nana standing out for their exceptional effort. Despite trekking to the peak of Mt Sonder, Dean returned to camp and cooked us a meal fit for a king without pause. After guide Kai left, the cleanliness of the camp dropped noticeably, and regular drink refills ceased.

Despite these hiccups, the overall experience was extraordinary. Walking and camping on the Tjoritja/West MacDonnell Ranges, the land of the Arrernte people, and witnessing the result of over 300 million years of geological evolution was awe-inspiring.

However, I was disappointed by the lack of information and stories about local identities and the history, geography, flora, and fauna of the area provided by the guides. It seemed evident that they had not received appropriate training in these areas. The lack of meaningful engagement with the indigenous culture and history was disappointing and felt like a missed opportunity.

Despite these criticisms, our tour group had an absolute blast. The bonds of friendship that were formed in the central desert are unforgettable, and we are planning more treks to further discover this beautiful planet. I hope my feedback can contribute to improving this already wonderful experience.
The walk was spectacular, let down by the bus drivers.   0 , NSW, Australia, Apr 2023
The walk was spectacular and the guides were great with history. The accommodation and meals significantly contributed to the overall fantastic experience. However, the bus trip somewhat let the trip down. The first bus driver was polite and lovely, but the second bus was over an hour late and at the wrong pick-up spot, which meant we missed the beautiful ...read more sunset at the first lodging. Then, the last bus driver, who was very unfriendly, left us waiting an hour after we had finished the walk.
Bruny Island Long Weekend   0 , VIC, Australia, Apr 2023
The trip was filled with beautiful views, and having a great group to chat and laugh with around the dining table in the evening was a highlight. I appreciated the opportunity to walk alone a bit, take in the scenery, and enjoy the quiet. However, I wouldn’t classify the hike as easy, especially for a first-time hiker. It felt more moderate in diff ...read moreiculty.
Kangaroo Island Walk   0 , QLD, Australia, Apr 2023
The location was excellent. I particularly loved the chance to explore the area early in the morning. Perfect weather and location made it magical each morning. The guides were friendly, knowledgeable and hard working. Our comfort and enjoyment was their priority. Thank you, Ant & Katie, also Mel & Steph back at the lodge.
Wineglass Bay Signature Walk   0 , VIC, Australia, Apr 2023
I had a wonderful time on the trip, particularly enjoying the sailing between our walking days. The entire trip was characterized by wonderful scenery, regardless of the weather. The days were well planned, with a good mix of harder and easier walking days, which kept things interesting. I also appreciated the special touches like the oysters and champagne ...read more on the beach.

The excellence of the boat crew and our guide significantly contributed to my positive experience. They were knowledgeable, friendly, and efficient, always ready to provide assistance and make our trip more enjoyable. Based on my experience, I have recommended the Tas Walking company and its various tours to many people.
Stunning scenery and super lodge accommodation and food.   0 , Bay of Plenty, New Zealand, Apr 2023
The trip was highlighted by stunning scenery and top-tier Lodge accommodation and food. Overall, it was an excellent experience thanks to our cheerful, hardworking guides and a good travel group. The superb Lodge accommodation cannot be overstated.

However, I do have two minor suggestions to improve the experience. During our walk from the Lodge ...read more to the kayaking segment, two of us briefly took a wrong turning at a junction. A simple sign at this "T" junction indicating "Kayaking" with an appropriate arrow would be helpful. We all love to soak in our surroundings, pause for photos and discuss the environment, which can result in a slightly spread out group.

As a member of the senior age group, I found that the guides' knowledge of the track surroundings, history, geology, flora, and fauna was a treasure, but it was sometimes difficult to hear all the information being shared. It would be wonderful if all guides could make a consistent effort to project their voices and speak clearly. This small change could greatly enhance the experience for all group members.
Breathtaking views that made every step worth it.   0 , NSW, Australia, Apr 2023
One of the major highlights of my trip was climbing Mt. Oakleigh. Not only was it a test of my physical endurance, but it also offered breathtaking views that made every step worth it. This experience was further enriched by the opportunity to meet new friends along the journey, which added to the memorable and unique nature of the trip. Our guides, ...read more Aaron and Liam, were simply fantastic and contributed greatly to the positive experience. Their knowledge, professionalism, and genuine care cannot be overstated.

As for the accommodation, it didn't exactly meet our initial expectations. However, looking at the bigger picture, this was a minor detail in an otherwise excellent adventure. The remarkable experiences far outweighed the slight shortfall in accommodation expectations.
Twelve Apostles Signature Walk with Tas Walking Co.   0 , SA, Australia, Apr 2023
My trip was greatly enhanced by the wonderful group of people who walked with us and the hosts/guides who looked after us. In particular, Bohdi was a lot of fun and his interaction definitely added to the experience. Essentially, the people made the trip! Despite an initial disappointment on the first night when we didn't have hot water in our rooms ...read more and had to use other guests' bathrooms for showers, the overall trip was really great. Given the prices we paid, this was somewhat disheartening. However, I appreciate that the host fixed the issue that same night and everyone made great efforts to help get it sorted. Even with this hiccup, the camaraderie among the guests and staff was fantastic.
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