Yvonne Brooks

Yvonne Brooks

My sense of adventure and love of nature had me heading off early in my 20's to backpack through Asia for 12 months. Years later as a Qantas flight attendant ('hostie' in those days) I discovered the delights of shopping and sightseeing in the world's most cosmopolitan cities while enjoying the comfort of 5 star luxury hotels. Now, Europe's cobblestone streets and waterways lead me to further explore and discover ancient towns, castles and forests. Over my career I enjoyed many varied roles including working on aircraft and at airports, retail travel centres, travel agency owner and now an online Tour Consultant with Global Journeys.


Travel Industry Experience: 38 Years
Started at Global Journeys: 2010
Position: Travel Advisor
Contact: Email Me
Favourite Operator: APT
Favourite Location: Prague, Central Europe
Fun Fact!
One of my favourite things to do in a new destination is eat! I enjoy trying different cuisines of the countries I am visiting and of course this includes sampling the regional brews, beers and wines. I usually come home with new recipe ideas and inspired to cook!

After a recent visit to Prague my favourite dish to cook is smoky beef goulash with dumplings - to wash down with jugs of dark beer!

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