Jemma Rosen

For the last few years I have been helping people tick destinations off their bucket list - and nothing makes me happier! I get great satisfaction that my experiences and expertise can help people's dream holidays come to life. I love hearing how my clients trips have gone, and any holiday photos shared are more than welcome!


Travel Industry Experience: 3 Years
Started at Global Journeys: 2016
Position: Tour Consultant
Contact: Email Me
Favourite Operator: Bunnik
Favourite Location: Sri Lanka
Fun Fact!
Recently, my partner and I (and our dog!) packed our bags and left Perth for the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. We drove a 4WD Troop Carrier to some of the remotest parts of Western Australia, including the Kimberley's. I just love the outdoors! Every opportunity and weekend I can, I am out camping/surfing/exploring this beautiful country I call home!

Jemmas' Industry Awards

2017 CLIA Certified Agent
2017 Trafalgar Acclaim Top Achiever
2017 APT Top Achiever
2017 Travelmarvel Top Achiever
2017 Globus Family Top Consultant
2017 AAT Kings Top Achiever

Jemmas' Travels

Jemma’s Highlights of Egypt

Jemma’s Highlights of Egypt

Quite some time ago now, when I was in high school, I was scheduled to go on a history trip with a select few students to Egypt. This was the year of the Egyptian revolution, and of course, all was…