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“Not What We Expected”
- QLD, Australia Jan 2018

From what we read on the trip to what was delivered, wasn't quite the same. The cycle route had been changed which added extra cycle distances and the route had more hills and was a tougher ride than outlined. The actual road conditions were quite ordinary, full of broken road surfaces and large pot-holes, which made riding each day quite a challenge.

The accommodation was extremely cold, some with electricity not always available and operators turning off their hot water, so it was either not available or just off cold. Most hotels were isolated and away from village or town areas, so no choice in dining was available. Most operators provided a "buffet" meal as it easier for them and had nothing to do with customer choices. Lunches on the road were available, so pre-boxed lunches from your accommodation were able to be ordered, but not good quality or suitable - you can only eat so many boiled eggs a day!

Overall holiday physical rating should have been 4/5, and comfort level 2/5. On-road cycle support was a bonus. The tour group was great company and we met some lovely people.

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