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SureSave travel insurance covers more than 300,000 travellers each year and is Australian owned. Global Journeys are able to offer you a 20% premium discount for all cruise policies booked online!

SureSave Travel Insurance

With policies issued and underwritten by AXA XL, Suresave Travel Insurance provides a range of high value and high feature products for international, domestic, budget and frequent travellers. Suresave's policies include a range of benefits to help make sure your trip is memorable for the right reasons. No medical examinations are required for those 80 years and under, unless needing cover for pre-existing medical conditions!

Picking the correct cover for your cruise

Many cruises operate between domestic ports only, for example from Melbourne to Brisbane. Despite not having an international port of call, travellers need an international policy to be covered for medical expenses.

Suresave's standard cover includes cruises at no extra charge. This is true regardless of whether you’re taking a simple harbour cruise on San Francisco Bay or a three month trip on the QE2. While some travellers think cruises are less risky than other trips, this isn't necessarily the case.

Why should I get travel insurance for my cruise?

Here are some examples of events you’ll be glad you’re covered for if you take a cruise on your next trip:

  • You need overseas medical help on your trip
  • Your flight is delayed and you need to get to your cruise on time
  • Your cruise formal wear is lost, stolen or damaged
  • You get sick with gastro on your cruise
  • You’re made redundant before you embark on your cruise
  • Your cruise operator becomes insolvent
  • Your cruise departure is delayed because of mechanical problems

When aren’t you covered?

If you’re travelling on a cruise ship (or other watercraft) which has no medical practitioner employed on board, no cover is available for any medical expenses incurred on board. There is, however, cover for medical expenses if you require treatment onshore at the next international port.

There is no cover for medical expenses incurred when you're in a country that has a Reciprocal Health Care Agreement (RHCA) with Australia. This is because the Reciprocal Health Care Agreement automatically allows Australian residents to get help with the cost of essential medical treatment in certain countries.

What you need to know about medical cover for cruising

As mentioned above, travel insurers, by law, cannot cover medical expenses incurred within Australia. However, having an international travel insurance policy provides travellers with cover for medical expenses incurred while out at sea or while overseas.

Domestic travel insurance does not cover medical expenses, regardless of whether they're incurred in Australia or at sea. These expenses may be covered by Medicare or a private health fund, provided the treatment is given by a Medicare-registered doctor on board the ship.

However, many cruise operators employ international doctors who don’t meet this criteria. Travellers will need an international policy to be covered for treatment by an international doctor.

International travel insurance provides cover for medical expenses incurred at sea or overseas.

Which region should you pick for your cruise?

When obtaining a quote, Suresave's destination list includes a separate cruising section, which contains some of the most common cruise regions. If you're not sure which region applies, or if you can't find the cruise region you're after, just list the countries you’ll be travelling to on the cruise - or the region where the cruise spends the most of its time.


The Small Print

Global Journeys highly recommends you organise your travel insurance before you travel. The purchase of travel insurance is your responsibility. Global Journeys do not sell travel insurance, however we can provide you with a quote from SureSave Travel Insurance – and Australian company who specialise in travel insurance designed for Travellers. Dedicated to keeping travellers informed and covered through an honest and genuine approach to travel.

SureSave provides world assistance through a customer support team, a claims team and an in-house 24/7 Emergency Assistance division.

Global Journeys, ABN 24 128 770 007 is a distributor of nib Travel Services (Australia) Pty Ltd (nib), ABN 81 115932 173, AFSL 308461. Before deciding to purchase this product, read the Product Disclosure Statement available from us. This insurance is underwritten by XL Insurance Company SE, Australia branch (ABN 36 083 570 441).

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