Coronavirus & Your Travel Plans

We're working closely with our operators for the most up-to-date information and are monitoring the ongoing effects closely. Our guide below should help with many of the questions you may have.

Will my trip still go ahead in 2021?

It's likely many international tours and cruises due to depart in 2021 will not go ahead, but we will contact you as soon as we are advised of this by the Operator. Domestic tours are selling like hotcakes and we anticipate all trips to proceed this year. Your Travel Advisor will be in touch with you if your booking is affected by State border restrictions.

What's the outlook?

We'd all love to know, but no one does unfortunately. The outlook may improve or worsen at anytime. Let’s hope it improves sooner rather than later!


I'm worried, should I cancel my trip?

Our advice is not to cancel your trip - at least until the last possible moment before cancellation fees kick-in. Operators are temporarily updating their cancellation policies in response to the situation as it evolves.


Why shouldn't I cancel my trip?

The health of every traveller is the top priority of all our Operator partners, and they will cancel the trip if they believe there is any risk (based on the most up-to-date information, from the World Health Organization (WHO)) to travel. In many cases, if the Operator cancels the trip, they are offering to transfer your monies paid to departures in the future. If you cancel when the trip is going ahead, depending on the notice given, cancellation fees will apply.


Are Global Journeys charging any cancellation fees?

Our standard cancellation fee applies if you cancel a booking prior to the Operator cancelling, however, if you rebook a future date the fee does not apply.


So do I wait to hear from my Travel Advisor?

If your trip is being cancelled by the Operator, then we will contact you with your options. If you haven't heard from us, then your trip (at this point in time) is still departing as scheduled.


I want to cancel anyway. What do I do?

Email your Travel Advisor and she will let you know the cancellation policy currently in place by the Operator. If your trip isn't departing for many months and your balance is not due in the near future, then she will reply asap, but we are prioritising emails based on closest departure dates. Please be patient.


I want to cancel and I've booked flights - will I lose that money?

Firstly you should check your insurance policy. The airline may have recently adjusted its cancellation policy, so contact the airline if flights have been booked directly with them, or your Travel Advisor if booked through an agency (which could be us), for advice on applicable fees. If flights are cancelled, then it's more than likely your tour operator will not compensate you for the fees charged by the airline.


How long before I receive a refund?

That is out of our control and entirely up to the Operator you are travelling with. Some Operators are processing their refunds pretty quickly, but others are taking a few months. Of course, we, and the Operator, would prefer you to defer your deposit for future travel to support our industry, and to secure your place for when things are sure to turn around.


I'm still not sure what to do?

We can't tell you whether to travel or not, but you've got your Travel Advisor here to lean on - she's armed with all the latest information from each Operator, and is here to help you. It would be best if you emailed her with any questions, and she'll get back to you asap. Please understand she may be busy at the moment, so please be patient.



Final note, before you make any decisions about your upcoming holiday, we suggest you keep an eye on the Smart Traveller website which is continually updated with the latest government guidelines on travel and destinations.


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