Explore China and Japan with Travelmarvel

Itsukushima Shrine with Travelmarvel

Embark on the journey of a lifetime across popular areas of Asia including China and Japan with Travelmarvel. Turn your dreams into reality and dive into worlds thriving with teahouses, imperial castles and a contemporary charm.

Proudly Australian owned and operated, Travelmarvel are true leaders when it comes to premium journeys. Accompanying you for the duration of your holiday, Travelmarvel’s Tour Directors or Managers are committed to ensuring that every aspect of your trip is enjoyable.

Travelmarvel understands that the best way to become familiar with a region is to truly immerse yourself in it. Local English speaking guides will join you for many of your excursions, offering insight into the areas and culture as only a true local could.

You’ll stay in the finest four star hotels, the perfect base to explore the sights and cultures of the regions you’ll visit on tour.

Experience the greatest highlights of China with Travelmarvel’s exciting journeys across the Yangtze River. Aboard a Victoria Cruises river ship, experience the highest standard for four star premium cruising. Relax in style on board and enjoy exclusive Executive Lounge privileges, delicious dining, and a range of insightful activities and shore excursions.

Journey through the Three Gorges Region to marvel at this modern man-made phenomenon.  Let your guide take you back in time and bring to life the history of the Terracotta Warriors in Xi’an. Summit the Great Wall and drink in the captivating mountain scenery of the valleys below.

Visit the home of more than 100 endangered animals at the Chendu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding on your 14 Day Across the Roof of the World trip. Afterward, relax to the rock of the Sleeper Train on your way to the Himalayan Kingdom of Tibet where more treasures await.

Panda of Chendu Research Base with Travelmarvel

If train travel is on your hit-list, then there’s no going past Japan’s Bullet Trains. Japan’s rail network provides a travel adventure that simply cannot be experienced elsewhere, try the 12 Day Discovering Japan rail journey.

Traverse the modern neon skyscrapers of Tokyo and explore the time-worn history of Kyoto on Travelmarvel’s 14 Day Grand Tour of Japan . Experience a traditional tea ceremony and let your guide bring the history and culture of the traditional temples alive.

Across both China and Japan, Travelmarvel includes a host of authentic experiences and must-see highlights with every tour. These Insider Experiences have been carefully designed to make your holiday extraordinary – they’re such distinguished features.

From sampling Peking Duck and traditional dumplings to exploring the Dalai Lama’s former residence, every essential experience in China has been considered. In Japan, you’ll not only have the opportunity to visit Mt Fuji, but also listen to the heart-wrenching experience of a Hiroshima survivor and discover the Sapporo Snow Festival.

Consider adventures to Vietnam and Cambodia to complete an all encompassing journey of Asia with Travelmarvel. Enjoy a cruise along the mighty Mekong, forming the arterial river through southern Vietnam and Cambodia.

Discover quaint riverside towns and sleepy rural villages that lend the waterways their unique charm. Aboard the stylish RV La Marguerite, you’ll glide past floating villages and swathes of lush paddy fields that stretch across the horizon.

There’s no doubt that Asia is full of intoxicating destinations for any traveller, and a journey with Travelmarvel is certain to illuminate the exciting cultures and traditions on in-depth explorations.

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