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27 Topdeck Tour Reviews

Read the reviews for Topdeck from Global Journeys' past Aussie & Kiwi clients


Average 4.5 out of 5 based on 27 user reviews.

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  “Fast paced trip through many locations in Italy”
Trip:    Trip Date: 13/08/2017    Overall Rating: 4/5
Bravo Italia was a fantastic tour that included 16 stops around Italy. This is not for someone looking for a leisurely holiday - every bus day had stops at towns with walking tours and then time for lunch along with a group dinner once you arrived in your location, and most free days had included walking tours or activities that took up most of the morning. If you are looking to see as much as you can in as little time as possible I would recommend this. Our trip leader was highly knowledgeable and always happy to help if you had a question about where to go, what to do, etc. The other people on the trip were mostly from Aus/NZ and were mostly age 25+, with a lot of couples. Booking through Global Journeys was easy and I would use them again.
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  “Great time on Topdeck”
Trip:    Trip Date: 27/06/2017    Overall Rating: 5/5
This tour is great for someone who wants to get a taste of many different countries in Europe and plans on returning later for some more in-depth travel. The tour is very fast paced, as you are on the bus almost every day, but the trips go by quickly and before you know it you are in a new place. The accomodations were all of decent quality, the included meals were nice and there was a great mix of planned activities and free time. There was never any pressure to do any activities though, so you could always go off on your own accord if you wish. My tour leader Jass and driver Filipe made the trip fun and I will never forget this experience. If you are thinking about it and are not sure... just do it. It's the best thing I've ever done and as a solo traveller was a great way for me to make friends.

Juliet at Global Journeys was an excellent travel agent - she put through all my request efficiently and promptly and was happy to answer any questions. Would highly recommend booking through Global Journeys as they gave me the best price I could find on this trip.
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  “A trip of a lifetime”
Trip:    Trip Date: 06/06/2017    Overall Rating: 4/5
A very fast paced and exhausting tour but really worth it. I got to visit all of the places I only used to dream of visiting. The accommodation was lacking in some cities but generally pretty good. The Topdeck tour leader and coach driver were very professional and lovely people. Some of the optional excursions were disappointing but I'm glad that I got to experience them.

Booking through Global Journeys was a breeze and Juliet Scott was fantastic! I would definitely recommend this trip and booking through Global Journeys to friends and family.
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  “Nice pace”
Trip:    Trip Date: 15/04/2017    Overall Rating: 4/5
I really enjoyed the laid back pace of this tour. Unlike the usual Europe coach tours, this felt more relaxed, mostly as it was one county and main transport by ferry. The accommodation could be better, hotels usually not in central locations (apart from the really small islands we visited) and fairly dated/old. Also, a large chunk of the tour are very young, be prepared for lots of alcohol/late nights. I found the pairing of roommates quite odd (e.g I'm in my mid twenties and shared with an 18 year old, another was a 30 year old with a 20 year old). Otherwise the tour was very enjoyable and I really enjoyed the amount of free time. The optional tours were worth it as well.
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  “Spirit of Europe”
Trip:    Trip Date: 11/04/2017    Overall Rating: 5/5
We both had a great time, got to see so much and learnt a lot along the way. Booking through Global Journeys made it very easy.
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  “Best week in Europe! ”
Trip:    Trip Date: 16/11/2016    Overall Rating: 4/5
If you are looking for a week of fun and adventure tasting some of eastern Europe's most amazing cities this is the tour for you! I made the most amazing memories with some pretty amazing people! Just a warning this tour does join a bigger group who has been travelling for about 2 weeks prior but don't let that turn you off because I had not problem me and the other people going in bonded and we integrated pretty well into the larger group.

Starting with Budapest the welcome dinner was massive and the ruin bar we visited was awesome! But we turned in early on the first night as a lot of the new travellers had a big day of travel. We walked up to the Budapest castle and relaxed in the thermal baths, drank way too much in the ruin bars and danced out hearts out! The optional dinner cruise was a great way to kick of a big night and seeing the city lit up from the river was incredible. The dinner was amazing though should have been advertised as a buffet as I was expecting a sit down meal and 2 bottles of wine (which for my table turned into 4) were a great compliment to the cruise.

Krakow was the next city and the quick walking tour that night was good for getting our bearing on the city! I paid for the optional pub crawl which I highly recommend it was a night I will never forget and the hour of free drink definitely helped that. The next day I did the optional Jewish walking tour and the salt mines both were informative but with the hangover form the night before by 3pm I was struggling. Auschwitz was something you just can't miss when in Poland and I'm happy that was an inclusion in the tour. It was also made clear that if we were struggling with the visit we were more than welcome to come back to the bus and have a chat! It was nice to know we had a safe place if it was too much! The only overall downside to Krakow was our accommodation classified as a hotel upgrade it was awful and was a real let down. it was also far form the city center. A lot of us would have preferred to have stayed in a hostel closer to the city centre.

After that we ventured onto Prague a city which I fell in love with and probably the best time I had on the tour. The city was gorgeous filled with amazing food, beautiful architecture and it was easy to navigate. The night we arrived in Prague we had an informative walking tour and then we headed out for a night in the 5 story club. Being a Sunday night it was pretty quiet but our group made fun for itself. My night ended on a bad night having my phone lost/stolen (the latter more likely as i found out later that the club is notorious for things going 'missing'). But none the less I had a good night and I was having so much fun that the next day it was a joke and my new friends kept my spirits up and let me forget about it! We spent that day running around the city visiting all the gorgeous sites and just having too much fun! That is a day I will never forget and it is because I was on this tour!

All of the inclusions from the hotels to the breakfast and the extra activities were well worth the money. But being in Europe everything is cheap and you can enjoy without having to worry too much about money. You do spend about 3 days on a bus but I enjoyed the bus journeys even when were delayed because we caught up on the sleep we were lacking (only sleeping for 3 hrs a night was catching up) watched movies and chatted. There were plenty of breaks as well. Our tour leader Amanda was amazing could not recommend or praise her enough! She included us newbies, had itineraries, Facebook groups, recommendations everything you could ever want or need from a tour leader she had! Sergio our bus driver was hilarious, including and a lot of fun! Booking with Global Journeys was easy, quick and would definitely book through them again! Overall this is an amazing trip and I couldn't recommend it enough!
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New Zealand
  “Europe Tour”
Trip:    Trip Date: 23/09/2016    Overall Rating: 5/5
Great tour. Travelled in September, while this was at the back end of the summer season the weather was still warm, with the added bonus of sites being less crowded than during peak summer season. Tour manager was knowledgeable and arranged for additional options outside of those listed in the brochure.
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New Zealand
  “Topdeck Grand European”
Trip:    Trip Date: 02/08/2016    Overall Rating: 5/5
Awesome trip, would 100% recommend. The tour guide Charlotte was really nice and helpful. The accommodation was great for the most but the Nice and "hotel upgrade" was a 6 bedroom dorm was extremely hot and had no air conditioning same with the accommodation in Amsterdam. Global Journeys were very helpful in coordinating my booking and dealing with any queries.
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Stacey's Trip

New Zealand
  “Beautiful, Stunning and highly recommend!”
Trip:    Trip Date: 16/07/2016    Overall Rating: 5/5
I loved that this tour was chilled and relaxed! We had 16 people on our tour (two big boats with 8 people on each) so we weren't cramped at all, had plenty of space. The waters were beautiful, crystal clear and nothing like I'd ever seen before!! We spent half the time swimming and the other half eating :D I would seriously pay the price again just to have our onboard chef (Mustafa!) cook for me again, it's that good!!! The fishing villages were cute although empty of tourists, I felt sorry for the souvenir shops trying to sell their merchandise. Inside the rooms are really hot to sleep in so most of us slept up top on the deck, but with the warm weather and beautiful scenery it was a plus.
Highlight was paragliding over Blue Lagoon - absolutely breathtaking I highly recommend!
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  “Great summer getaway”
Trip:    Trip Date: 04/07/2016    Overall Rating: 4/5
Overall, it was a great holiday - stress free as most things were pre planned for us. The tour guide was very helpful and knowledgable. Favourite places would have to be Corfu and Budapest!
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About Topdeck

Why you should choose to travel with Topdeck on your next holiday
Topdeck Touring
Topdeck Touring

We do epic Eurotrips, Big Game safaris, American road trips, sailing trips, pyramid expeditions, and other awesomeness around the world for travellers between 18-39. We realise that everyone's dierent, which is why all Topdeck trips include heaps of free time to play and explore. It's your trip, your way. Each trip includes all the must-see, must-do activities and top-notch local fare to recharge those batteries between stops, which means you can spend your money where it matters and we'll take care of the rest. You will hit the road on modern, WiFi-equipped coaches, stay in handpicked accommodation ranging from castles to yachts and hang out with other young explorers bent on seeing the world. Ready to pack your bags?

Why Choose To Travel with TopDeck
Why Choose To Travel with TopDeck?

Our staff are as enthusiastic about travel as you are! They know their stuff, they are highly motivated and they'll make sure you have the best trip possible. You enjoy the fun parts of travelling whilst we take care of the boring bits. No overbooked trains, unavailable hostels or language problems...make life easy for yourself! Topdeck include your accommodation, transport, food, guided tours and 'Totally Topdeck' experiences as clearly displayed on our itinerary pages. In other words – heaps you don't need to budget for! We also know each individual traveller has different interests and ideas on how to spend their own time. We give you as much free time as possible to explore at your own pace.

Topdeck's Hotel Trips
Topdeck's Hotel Trips

Topdeck's Hotel trips stay in character-filled and well-located hotels, predominantly of a 3-star standard, on a twin/double share basis. Plus if you and two other friends would prefer to stay together, you can all enjoy a triple share reduction. Hotel trips include all breakfasts and several tasty evening meals which will give you a flavour of European cuisine. You can also enjoy 'Bucket List' included activities such as a gondola ride in Venice, wine tasting in Bordeaux, a visit to the Gellert Baths in Budapest and more. Our Hotel trips have a maximum of 48 passengers and average around 35, meaning that you'll be sharing the adventure with other like-minded young travellers.

Topdeck's Club Trips
Topdeck's Club Trips

Club trips travel to every corner of Europe but won't break the bank! These trips stay in varied multi-share accommodation such as hostels, cabins, bungalows, yachts (and even a castle), making them a great value way to see more of Europe. Rooms on Club trips are single sex with usually 4 people to a room. All breakfasts, lunches on selected travel days and loads of dinners are included to save you money and give you a taste of Europe. Plus you'll get to try delicious meals prepared by Topdeck's resident On Site Chefs in the Swiss Alps, Rome and Venice. Our Club trips have a maximum of 48 passengers and average around 35, making for sociable trips which are the perfect way to meet people.

Camp In Style With Topdeck
Camp In Style With Topdeck

It's camping, but with luxury! Topdeck's camping trips are the best way to travel Europe on a budget. On these trips you'll sleep in spacious two-person "dome-style" tents on comfy air mattresses at some of Europe's superbly equipped campsites. Each trip has a Topdeck 'On Road Chef' – so all breakfasts and even more delicious lunches and dinners are included in the trip price. Flotilla sailing in Greece and selected free multi-share upgrades are included on many trips. Our Camping trips have a maximum of 48 passengers and average around 35, meaning that you'll have loads of like-minded young travellers to share the experience with.

In-depth Explorer European Trips
In-depth Explorer European Trips

Topdeck's Explorer range of trips allows you to get to the heart and soul of a particular country or region in Europe. These in-depth Europe trips feature smaller groups, averaging between 16 and 20 people (with a maximum of 30). They predominantly use hotel accommodation on a twin/double share basis. All breakfasts are included and also some lunches or dinners (depending on the trip), giving you the chance to sample some local cuisine. Go off the beaten track and discover some of Europe's most incredible destinations on a Topdeck Explorer trip!

Topdeck FAQ's

Some of the frequently asked questions Topdeck receive from their clients

General FAQ's

When can I expect to get my travel documents & itinerary?

Topdeck issues e-docs which will be sent to you eight weeks prior to departure and when you have paid in full, which includes your detailed day-to-day itinerary. These also include any vouchers you need for pre and post trip accommodation. In addition to this, you MUST read the detailed pre-departure information relevant to your trip. This can be viewed at any time below. The pre-departure document contains a number of important points that you should be aware of. Please take the time to download and read it.

What sort of people will be on the trip?

Topdeck passengers come from all over the world and are aged between 18 and 39. Like you, they will be up for a great travel experience and meeting like-minded travellers.

Is it a problem if I travel on my own?

Not at all! Many of our passengers travel alone – often over 50% of our passengers start the trip solo and it's a great way to meet people. What's more, we don't charge compulsory single supplements – instead we'll match you up with a roommate(s) of the same sex.

Do I need travel insurance?

Yes. Comprehensive travel insurance is compulsory on all Topdeck trips. This should be taken out at the time of booking. We recommend getting a comprehensive travel insurance policy which covers you for all medical expenses (including repatriation) and any expensive items you bring away with you such as laptops, tablets, smart phones and cameras. Check the policy wording and excess limits before you book and make sure they are to your satisfaction. Travel insurance should be taken out at the time of booking in case of unforeseen events which may lead you to cancel your trip.

Will I be contactable on my trip?

As well as having regular access to internet cafés throughout Europe, if someone needs to contact you in the case of an emergency, the Topdeck Head Office in London will be able to get in touch with your Trip Leader.

Europe FAQ's

How many other people will be on the trip?

Group sizes vary from trip to trip. As a guideline, an average Hotel, Club or Camping trip could have around 35 passengers on board, with a maximum group size of 48. Minimum numbers would not normally be below 20 passengers. Our Explorer groups average around 16-20 passengers, with a maximum of 30.

What visas will I need?

Obtaining correct visas is your own responsibility. Not having correct visas could mean you missing out on part or all of your trip. Please refer to our Visa Information section (which should be used as a guide only). You should also double check with the individual Embassies before you depart, remembering that visa requirements can change at short notice. For most of the countries where visas are required, it is NOT possible to obtain the visa whilst on the trip and some visas take 3-4 weeks to obtain.

How do the Hotel trips work?

Topdeck's Hotel trips stay in a range of quality, character-filled hotels, predominantly 3-star standard. Rooms are twin or double share, with a 5% triple share reduction if you're travelling with two other friends and wish to share together. If you're travelling solo, then you'll be sharing with someone of the same gender. We've tried to avoid bland, multi-national chain hotels where possible and select smaller hotels which are more reflective of the character and vibe of the countries we visit. Our hotels are close to public transport (allowing you to get to wherever you want to go during your free time) and are as centrally located as possible. And while we can't always manage to get you right into the beating heart of a city, we can guarantee that no-one else will get you closer! Please bear in mind that European hotel rooms may be smaller than you are used to for similar standard hotels in Australia, New Zealand, North America or Asia.

How do Club trips work?

Club trips stay in varied, multi-share accommodation. Rooms are single-sex, usually 4 people to a room. There are occasions where we stay in twin share bungalows or hotels, and other occasions where we stay in hostels with rooms which are 5 or 6 share. On very limited occasions rooms of up to 10 people may be used. Your Trip Leader will coordinate room lists during the course of the trip. Club trips boast accommodation ranging from modern hostels to guesthouses, bungalows, yachts and even a 12th Century Castle! In Italy, we often stay in bungalows at campsites, although calling them 'campsites' is doing them a serious disservice – it's just that 'self-contained mini resorts with unique nightlife' is a bit of a mouthful! In Paris and other selected special stopovers we use hotel upgrades for a bit of extra comfort. We always try to stay as centrally as possible and we know that no other operator can match our locations.

I'm doing a Club trip with my partner – will we will be able to share?

Rooms on Club trips are booked on a single-sex basis, so couples should not expect to share. However your Trip Leader will try to room your together where possible, if the room configurations and gender breakdown of the group allows. On most trips it is possible that you will be able to share together on certain occasions.

How do Camping trips work?

Camping trips stay in dome-style tents on a twin share basis at some of Europe's best-equipped campsites. Our easy to erect dome tents are surprisingly spacious and you'll be supplied with a comfy air mattress to sleep on. You and your tent partner will erect and dismantle your own tent at each stop, but you will be given a demonstration by your Topdeck Crew on the first day of the trip. Many of our Camping trips feature free accommodation upgrades such as hotels, hostels, yachts and an overnight ferry. These are all on a multi-share, single-sex basis, with usually 4-6 people per room. Camping trips feature the services of a Topdeck On-Road Chef and each trip carries a spacious cook tent. All cutlery and eating utensils are supplied. You will need to bring a sleeping bag for Camping trips.

How do Explorer trips work?

Explorer trips are designed for travellers who want to immerse themselves in one country or region in Europe rather than take a multi-destination trip. Our preferred accommodation style for Explorer trips is hotel (twin share / double), although our Croatia sailing boats - being traditional coastal cruisers - do not all have en-suite facilities. Explorer group sizes tend to be smaller, averaging between 16 and 20 people (with a maximum of 30). All groups are accompanied by a Topdeck Trip Leader, while our Greece and Turkey programmes have specially selected local guides to escort these trips and provide added insight to the region.

Do I need a sleeping bag?

Sleeping bags are required on all Camping trips. Sleeping bags are also required on Club trips that visit Scandinavia (Red Star Special, Northern Exposure, Russia Scandi, Scandi Express or Scenic Scandi), and are recommended for any Club trip that features Flotilla Sailing in Greece. Sleeping bags are not required on Hotel, Explorer and all other Club trips.

How much luggage am I allowed to bring?

Each person is allowed 1 item of standard size luggage (backpacks only on a Camping trip) plus a day pack (and sleeping bag if required – see above). The maximum weight of your main bag must not exceed 44lbs/20kgs. Size for all bags must not exceed 70cm x 45cm x 25cm. Due to strict weight regulations for coaches in Europe, passengers whose luggage exceeds 44lbs/20kgs may be asked to offload the excess on the departure morning. In this scenario, Topdeck will not cover any storage costs which are incurred.

What about spending money?

Naturally everybody's spending varies. There are many souvenirs to be bought and a great social scene should you wish to join in! Many of your meals (including lunches on Club & Camping trips) are included, so this really just leaves a few meals and your personal spending to budget for. Throughout the trip, your Trip Leader will also inform you of optional activities which you can participate in, such as a gondola ride in Venice or an excursion up the Jungfrau Mountain in Switzerland. Most people budget approximately €70 per day including optional activities and some souvenirs.

What if I am on a special diet?

If you have special dietary requirements e.g. vegetarian or vegan, we will make every endeavour to cater for your specific needs as long as you tell us or your agent when you book. Unfortunately in some places in Europe it is not possible to obtain certain special foods, and we cannot guarantee the variety of foods available when eating out. Our "On Road / Site Chefs" will put every effort into catering for your specific needs. There are some diets we are unable to cater for such as religious diets, so if you are unsure please email Global Journeys to check.


How many other people will be on the trip?

There's really no way to know exactly how many people will be on your trip as late bookings and cancellations do occur. Popular itineraries during peak summer season can expect to have 25-45 passengers. In the event of smaller groups, a modified passenger van may be used to improve logistics and create a more intimate group dynamic. There are some fantastic advantages to both larger and smaller group sizes.

What standard is the accommodation in the US?

On each of our North American trips we've tried to find the ideal combination of good quality accommodation which won't force you to break the bank. The hotels and motels we use are generally 2/3 star American standard hotels. Rooms in North American hotels are often larger than in similarly rated hotels in Europe, and are clean and comfortable. Rooms usually have 2 double beds, a TV and en-suite bathroom facilities. Some hotels have been selected based on their superior location, while others have been chosen for their higher quality. In Yosemite National Park, California, many of our itineraries will stay in tent cabins in the heart of the park. These cabins, chosen for their amazing location, may offer triple share rooms with a very short walk to the shower block.

What visas will I need?

Depending on your nationality you may require a visa to enter the United States. Currently most western visitors are included as part of the Visa Waiver Program. All Visa Waiver Program travellers are required to obtain an electronic travel authorisation prior to boarding a carrier to travel by air or sea to the US. Travellers will need to log onto the ESTA website and complete an on-line application in English. Please refer to our Visa Information section (which should be used as a guide only).

Where will we stop on drive days?

We do try to limit the time spent on the coach so you will have more time to enjoy the places you visit. We have adapted our itineraries to suit the distances travelled, however the USA and Canada are big countries and it takes time to get around. On some travel days we may spend several hours on the road, but we will always break up the journeys with interesting stops where possible. Stops vary from trip to trip and range from standard commercial service areas to interesting locations such as scenic parks, viewpoints and small cowboy towns!

What are the breakfasts like?

Breakfasts will range from basic continental breakfast options of cereal, toast and muffins, to full cooked hot breakfasts, all with tea and/or coffee. We have tried to use hotels which offer breakfasts in the lobby to give you that little bit of extra time in the morning.

Are there any optional activities?

Throughout the trip, your Trip Leader will also inform you of optional activities which you can participate in. Should you choose to do so, you will need to budget extra for these activities. These activities are entirely optional and you should never feel compelled to join in any of them if you don't wish to. You will be able to find a more detailed list and price guidelines in your pre-departure information.

Do I need to tip?

Tipping is a way of life in America, but in true Topdeck style your Crew will not be asking for any tips themselves at the end of your trip! However when dining out or visiting bars, it is courteous to tip the serving staff, who rely on tips to supplement their wages, which are legally below the minimum wage and often only a couple of dollars an hour.

What is the drinking age?

The drinking age in the USA is 21 years. All bars and drinking spots check ID as a matter of routine, either on entry or via the serving staff (when you order an alcoholic drink in restaurants, etc.). For this reason you should always carry some form of photographic ID (typically your passport) on you if you wish to buy alcohol. In Canada, the drinking age is 18 in Alberta & Quebec, and 19 in British Columbia & Ontario. Our Canadian Rockies trip visits both Alberta & British Columbia. Our USA & Canada Adventure trip visits both Quebec & Ontario. You should always carry photographic ID (typically your passport) with you if you wish to purchase alcohol.

How much luggage am I allowed to bring?

Each person is allowed 1 item of standard size luggage plus a day pack. The maximum weight of your main bag must not exceed 44lbs/20kgs. Size for all bags must not exceed 70cm x 45cm x 25cm. Due to strict weight regulations for coaches in the USA, passengers whose luggage exceeds 44lbs/20kgs may be asked to offload the excess on the departure morning. In this scenario, Topdeck will not cover any storage costs which are incurred.

What about spending money?

Naturally everybody's spending varies. Many of your meals are included in the trip price so this really just leaves a few meals and your personal spending to budget for. As a general guide we suggest budgeting around US$50-60 per day.

Arrival & Departure Information

What happens when you arrive at your destination, including information on airport transfers with Topdeck

Full arrival and departure inforation is provided in your trip itinerary, provided to you by your Global Journeys Tour Consultant which will be sent to you eight weeks prior to departure and when you have paid in full.

Terms & Conditons

Yep, all the boring small print! We still recommend you read it though, as no one likes surprises!
Travel Industry Associations & Awards

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