4 Reasons Why You’ll Love Travelling on an Intrepid Small Group Tour

Intrepid    10 September, 2018    Barb Durance   

Small Group Travel with Intrepid

For many travellers, solo or otherwise, the thought of joining a small group tour can be daunting. Will you like the group? Will you have enough free time to relax and take some time for yourself? Is group travel worth it? What could a tour guide and a bunch of random travellers possibly show you that you couldn’t otherwise find yourself?

Well, we’re here to tell you why a small group tour is the best way to experience a destination, beyond the tourist highlights. If you want to make incredible memories with a bunch of open-minded travellers like yourself, then an Intrepid small group tour may be for you.  Here’s why.

Intrepid Small Group Travel, Europe

Local secrets

There’s nothing quite like visiting a friend who lives overseas. They’ll take you to their favourite local bars and restaurants, introduce you to other locals and basically ensure you see the ‘real’ side of a destination that a normal tourist relying on Google will miss out on.

This is the beauty of Intrepid Travel’s local leaders – on every Intrepid trip, your group will be guided by a local leader from the destination you’re visiting. Like a friend, they’ll be able to take you to the best places to beat the crowds, the coolest cultural sites that other tourists won’t hear about and cafes, markets or restaurants that serve authentic cuisine. You will get a genuine insight into what life is like in these communities, rather than a forgettable, touristic experience.

Intrepid Small Group Travel

Small groups equal big adventures

There’s nothing worse than arriving at an empty party… similarly, it can be daunting to arrive at an overcrowded, hectic party with so many people you don’t even know who to talk to.

At Intrepid, we’ve figured out the best number to travel with is a small group of maximum 16 people – there are enough people to create a good social vibe, but you’re a small enough group that each person is more than just a face in the crowd. Plus, a lot of local restaurants and smaller cultural sites are off the table for big tourist groups or bus tours, but with a group this size, you have access to all the adventures the bigger groups don’t.

Intrepid Small Group Travel

Ready-made friends

If it’s your first time on a small group trip, you may be worried about spending so much time with a group of random people. But you will be surprised to find how quickly those random people became pals with whom you share in-jokes and spontaneous moments with. The diversity of an Intrepid group, both in background and age, makes for a unique and interesting group of people – all with a passion for authentic, sustainable travel.

In one group you might find an Ethiopian-American theatregoer from Atlanta, a young Hong Konger on a spontaneous getaway, a retired English lawyer, a boisterous bunch of millennials from Sydney, two Bavarian backpackers and a Slovenian psychologist – the possibilities are endless, but you’re sure to have a great time experiencing the world together.

Intrepid Small Group Travel, Iceland

Hassle-free travel

One of the most daunting things about overseas travel is all the logistics. Making sure you get the right train to your next destination, booking a hotel room online that you hope beyond hope is actually in the middle of town (and doesn’t have bed bugs!). All this planning is inevitable when you travel independently.

But, when you join a small group tour with Intrepid, we’ve done all the hard work for you. We’ve put years of research into creating itineraries that visit the best bits of a country, found accommodation that is centrally-located and arranged all the transport between destinations, so you can just enjoy the ride. This means you get to spend more time enjoying your travels and less time worrying about the little details. Plus, all our departures are guaranteed, so we never have to worry about your travel plans being cancelled last minute. A stress-free holiday – who doesn’t love that?

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