APT Fly Offers

APT Fly Offers

Information regarding APT's Fly Offers

As part of your holiday package you may have a promotion included which entitles you to:

  • Fly Free/Companion Fly Free
  • A specially priced airfare
  • A monetary credit towards the overall cost of your airfare
  • Alternatively you may have requested Global Journeys to book flights with APT as part of your holiday package. In all of these instances it is important to note the following.

Your Flight Booking

Airlines release their flight schedules approximately 11 months before departure, so at the time of your booking APT may not be able book and confirm flights or quote airfares. However, we do welcome any information you wish to supply in regard to preferences for travel dates, times, routings, stopovers, seating, mobility, dietary requests and seat upgrades.

Once flight schedules are released APT will make every effort to hold a booking in-line with your requests. It is also important at this time to confirm that the first and last name you have provided for your flight booking must be the same as per your passport.

Seating Requests

APT encourages passengers to advise their preferences for seating at the time of booking the flights. Every effort will be made to fulfil these requests, however seating is subject to availability and can be changed by the airline at any time.

Certain types of seating requests such as extra legroom and exit row seats may incur additional charges from the airline.

Airfare Pricing, Taxes and Surcharges

All airfare offers are based on wholesale airfares (an airline of APT's choosing) and are subject to availability of the airline and a specific booking class. Once the specified class is sold out surcharges apply. APT will endeavour to secure the promotional airfare, but if not available APT may offer alternative travel dates, times, routings or airlines.

If Airline Taxes are included in the promotion, APT will cover the agreed amount as stated in the Terms & Conditions of the promotion. Airline Taxes can be higher than the agreed amount due to currency rate fluctuations, introduction of new taxes/surcharges and travelling to/from different airports that charge higher taxes/surcharges. Anything above the agreed amount covered by APT will be surcharged and will appear on your invoice.

Changing or Cancelling Your Flight Booking

Once airline tickets have been issued, name changes, voluntary date or schedule changes and class upgrades will incur fees.

Airline schedules are subject to change without notice and APT is not liable for any additional costs incurred due to airline schedule changes.

E - Tickets

Global Journeys will forward your airline E-Tickets with your final documentation approximately 3-4 weeks before your departure. At this time, it is important that you confirm, you have all of your required travel documents, your passport has the required validity for travel and you have obtained the necessary visas and vaccinations for the countries you are travelling to.

Flight Check-In

APT recommends arriving at the airport to check - in for flights three hours before an international departure and two hours before a domestic departure. It is important to note the time of the flight departure as departures during the night (after midnight) may require you to be at the airport the day before the date shown on your tickets. If you are unsure about your flight departure times please contact your Travel Advisor.