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View the Northern Lights From Your Own Igloo

APT River Cruises Northern Lights Tours

Northern Lights at the Glass Igloo Village at the Arctic Snow Hotel


Are you a seasoned traveller looking for the next challenge? How about a trip to Finland to experience the spectacular Northern Lights?

APT have released a new guided tour and river cruise for 2018 with accommodation at the acclaimed ‘Glass Igloo Village at the Arctic Snow Hotel’, and we feel it’s worth shouting about. Not only do you get view the Northern Lights, you do it whilst sleeping in your own Glass Domed Igloo!


The Trip

APT’s 22 Day Northern Lights & Lapland with Magnificent Europe tour combines the trip of a lifetime to Lapland and an opportunity to view the Northern Lights from the comfort of your glass-roofed igloo, and then your journey from Amsterdam to Budapest begins on one of APT’s luxury Concerto class river cruise ships.

After your arrival night in Helsinki, you will fly to Rovaniemi on the edge of the Arctic Circle in Lapland. Your unique home for the next 2 nights in Rovaniemi is at the glass igloo village at the Arctic Snow Hotel.


APT's River Cruise from Amsterdam to Budapest


The Property

Set on Lehtojarvi Lake in Finnish Lapland, the complex has a hotel sculpted out of ice as well as a village of 30 glass and timber igloos, which is where APT’s guests stay. The property is only open during the winter months when there’s enough ice and snow to construct the hotel and is situated far enough from the regional capital Rovaniemi not to be affected by the city’s lights, making it an ideal location to view the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis).


Northern Lights at the Glass Igloo Village at the Arctic Snow Hotel


The Igloos

The igloos’ glass-dome roofs are electrically heated to keep the rooms warm and to melt ice and snowfall, ensuring a clear view of the sky. Underfloor heating will help to keep you cozy inside, and each igloo has an “Aurora Alarm” service which alerts guests when the sky is illuminated by the Northern Lights, which means you can enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep knowing they won’t miss out on the light show.

Traditional Lapp cuisine is featured throughout the tour. Kota Restaurant’s specialty is glow-fried salmon, where the fillets are nailed to a wooden board and placed next to a fire to cook. Local native ingredients such as Arctic char and reindeer are served at Ice Restaurant.

During the short arctic winter days, partake in a variety of local experiences, such as snowshoeing, learning to drive a snowmobile, taking a husky sleigh ride, trying your hand at ice sculpture, visiting Santa Claus village and relaxing with a traditional Finnish sauna.


Northern Lights in the comfort of your own glass igloo


On return to Helsinki, enjoy 2 nights accommodation and a private guided tour of Finland’s vibrant seaside capital before flying to Amsterdam to board your luxurious 14 night all-inclusive river cruise. This trip is going to be popular, so get in quick! For more details on this trip, and to request a quote, visit 22 Day Northern Lights & Lapland with Magnificent Europe.





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