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Insight – More Than Just The Sights with Coach Touring

Insight Vacations

Coach Travel with Insight Vacations


Thinking about touring, but not sure if it’s for you?

We chatted to some of our Global Journeys’ clients who started touring 18 years ago with Insight Vacations and have never looked back…

Rosana and Theo Krug are setting off on their 15th tour with Insight Vacations this month, after they were blown away with their first touring experience almost two decades ago. “It was such a wonderful first impression of what Insight could provide that I became convinced it was a very good way to get to know our world,” says Rosana.

Since their first trip with Insight to Turkey, they have visited Eastern Europe, Russia, Scandinavia, the Balkans, Britain and Ireland, and many other unique destinations. Before starting to travel with a tour company, Rosana and Theo had also travelled to many countries in Europe and Asia on their own. These trips meant doing a lot of the work themselves.

“The bonus with Insight is all the work is done for me and if anything doesn’t go according to plan they are there to rectify the situation. I can relax as I know it will be taken care of… if only I had Insight with me daily life!” says Rosana. “The trips are usually well planned and well travelled so that there is no wasting of precious time and or backtracking or getting lost as one can easily do when travelling solo”.

Less time in queues, more time for unique experiences.

Rosana appreciates that there is no waiting in queues and that the time can be utilised admiring the artwork inside a museum rather than waiting outside like the independent travellers. She also says that the optional tours are an added bonus, offering an opportunity to see sights that might not be accessible when you plan your own trip.

“One such optional tour was my visit to the Castle of Mey in Scotland that belonged to the current Queen’s mother. A charming, country residence with many personal objects still left there on display for all to see and where I was asked to sit in the queen’s mother favourite chair”.

It is these unique and memorable opportunities, along with the knowledge and guidance of the Insight staff, that makes for a quintessential and unrivalled experience.


Castle Of Mey Scotland


Shared experiences with tour guides and fellow travellers.

“The knowledge of the tour guides is another impressive and important detail. Apart from the historical and cultural information they provide, they give local and practical recommendations about shopping, restaurants, medical needs and all sorts of other requests.

Additionally, the tour directors can be entertaining and help to encourage a bond between people who were perfect strangers to one another just a couple of days before,” says Rosana.

Touring offers groups, couples, friends, and solo travellers an opportunity to share extraordinary experiences with like-minded people and form life-long bonds.

“By travelling with an international tour company like Insight I get the opportunity to meet people from all over the world and again for me that is an important aspect of getting to know our planet better”.

Freedom to choose.

While the group dynamic offers so many benefits to guests, travellers can also choose whatever balance suits them – spending time alone to truly personalise the experience.

“When I need to take time to do my own thing away from the group it is easily done. Theo and I inform the tour director and meet up again later, sometimes even the following day. There are no restrictions and impositions from the tour directors. This works well and anyone in the group can do it so, our individuality is also met and respected. Sometimes people say that touring with a group is too restrictive… not if you are game enough to go and do things on your own!”

With the perfect mix of independence and support, choosing a tour itinerary means that you can make the trip your own but still feel safe knowing you have the experts on your side to offer support and knowledge.


Expert Guide with Insight Vacations


Security and confidence.

Rosana recalls an incident in Prague where a parking officer insisted the coach was parked illegally and tried scaring the driver into paying her off.

“She didn’t get any money from the Insight staff,” Rosana said, “but I have no doubt I would have been one of her victims, being too scared not to pay her if I were travelling on my own”.

It is this sense of security, along with all the other perks, that has had Rosana and Theo continue to choose touring with Insight Vacations for their holidays.

The touring difference. Every time.

Knowing what is in store has made for a stress-free and exciting countdown to their next adventure, as they set off on their next trip to Jordan and Egypt this month arranged through Global Journeys.

“In short, peace of mind, organisation, reliability, well-structured tours, convenience, good value for money, safety, helpful and informative tour directors and drivers gives me every confidence that my next trip with Insight is going to be another great adventure and another treasured memory.”

Global Journeys has had the pleasure of looking after the booking arrangements for Rosana and Theo and wish them another wonderful holiday.

You could be next – to experience the difference for yourself, explore the Insight Vacations itineraries available with Global Journeys.

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